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Third Party Claims For Work-Related Injuries

Many workers in Connecticut believe that their only source of financial compensation following an on-the-job accident is workers’ compensation. This is understandable, because often, employers quickly steer injured workers to filing a workers’ compensation claim, stating “You don’t need a lawyer. Just fill out this form and file a claim.”

While workers’ compensation benefits are indeed available in many instances, additional compensation is also often available. How?

When workers are injured due to the workplace negligence of a party other than their employers, they can file a third-party claim, just like they would if the injury occurred in a store or a residence.

Why Receive Legal Counsel Regarding A Possible Third-Party Claim?

Third-party claims bring the complexity of a lawsuit, as well as the possible award that can result from a lawsuit. It is essential that you explore all possible sources of compensation following workplace injuries and medical expenses and that you receive qualified help.

The attorneys of Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C., have handled hundreds of workplace injury claims and often help clients with both their workers’ compensation claim and third-party claim. Third-party claims are doubly important because, unlike workers’ compensation claims, they aren’t limited to medical expenses and lost wages. Instead, they can provide lump-sum payments that far exceed typical workers’ compensation benefits.

We are highly skilled at investigating injury claims and at negotiating and litigating for clients’ highest-possible compensation. For a partial list of cases recently resolved by our firm, please visit our cases and verdicts page and contact us for a no-charge consultation.

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