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Drug-impaired truckers pose a hazard to others on the road

Tractor-trailers can be dangerous vehicles when they are not driven with care. This is partially because they can weigh 20 to 30 times as much as passenger vehicles weigh, they have large blind spots on all four sides and they require long distances when stopping.

Because of these and other challenges, tractor-trailers are operated by specially trained professionals. However, a truck driver’s job can involve many hours driving along monotonous highways with little to no human interaction, and although there are limits on how many hours truckers can work, many truckers feel pressure to drive for longer than they should. To help cope with these challenges, some truck drivers turn to drugs.

Verdict reach in wrongful death lawsuit after fatal accident

While it would be ideal for people to know that they would be safe whenever they get behind the wheel, they cannot control the behavior of other drivers in Connecticut. Unfortunately, there are definitely those people out there who are careless and participate in distracting activities while they are operating their vehicle. There are others who are reckless or who are fatigued and unable to maintain concentration. 

For one family in Georgia, one person's ignorant decision ultimately claimed the lives of five people, including two children in a fatal car accident after their vehicle collided head-on with a tractor-trailer. Early investigations revealed that the truck driver appeared to have done nothing to avoid the collision when his truck veered into the path of a small SUV. Further investigations suggested that the driver may have fallen asleep when his truck crossed the median. 

Back to School Month: Recap on pedestrian safety

The end of August marks the start of school for many children in Connecticut and elsewhere. Drivers across the state need to recognize the hazards faced by students walking to school, riding their bicycles or waiting at the bus stop. Additionally, parents can also take note of the risks and teach their children the safety rules for walking or bicycling near traffic.

August is recognized as Back to School Month by the National Safety Council. Drivers are often unaccustomed to sharing the roads with children on their way to school, as well as increased traffic from buses and parents driving their kids to class. Parents can talk to their children about the following precautions:

  • Stay on the sidewalk whenever possible, and always cross the street at a crosswalk or designated crossing area at intersections.
  • Walk in the opposite direction of traffic and make sure vehicles have stopped before crossing the street.
  • Avoid looking at devices while walking and never horseplay with friends around traffic.
  • When crossing the street in front of a school bus, keep at least 10 feet in front of the bus and cross when the safety arm is extended and the warning lights are flashing.

Dog bites and the risk of infection

Connecticut residents who are bitten by dogs have several health risks to worry about. One of them is the risk of infection, which can cause severe health complications far into the future.

FindLaw takes a look at how to treat dog bites. They focus on cleaning up the injury as best and quickly as possible. A victim is not always able to do this, however, due to the fact that the bite injury can be quite severe. Even after cleaning the injury at home, it is suggested that a victim of a bite attack seek medical attention. This is for multiple reasons. First off, bite attacks can be severe enough that the wounds will need stitches. Infections are another big reason.

How can I see if a product I own is unsafe?

You expect the things you buy to be safe when you and your family use them. However, this is not always the case. Whether an item in your home was defective before you bought it or it became unsafe after repeated use, it is important for you and other Connecticut residents to know how to check for product hazards.

As you may be aware, some devices wear out over time and can be dangerous if you continue using them. For example, your hair dryer may electrocute you or catch on fire if the cord becomes damaged. Common sense dictates that you frequently inspect the products in your home for signs of dangerous wear and tear.

Treating your dog bite injury

When a Connecticut resident is attacked by a dog, the bite injuries can raise many health concerns. Regardless of the severity of the attack, there are certain steps to take in order to ensure that the damage is not lasting and has a relatively small impact on a victim's overall health.

Healthline takes a look at how to treat dog bites in the aftermath of an attack. They mention some points of key importance regarding the dog, including asking about its vaccination history. Unfortunately, if a dog has not been vaccinated properly, it can increase a victim's risk of developing more complications. Additionally, if a dog cannot be proven to be free of rabies - such as if it is a stray dog - then rabies testing must be performed on the dog. The victim will likely need to be tested and given a rabies vaccine as well.

What makes a good security fence?

A person who is assaulted on a Connecticut property due to negligent security may have a premises liability case against the owner of the property, since property owners have a responsibility to ensure adequate security to protect visitors. In many cases, sound security includes a good security fence. A fence with obvious defects might not be enough to stop an intruder from encroaching on a property and causing harm to lawful visitors.

According to Networx, a good security fence should not be easy for an intruder to climb over. Some chain link fences can unintentionally create footholds or places to grab onto while climbing. A secure chain link fence should have a weave that is so small that feet or fingers cannot fit through them. Lining a fence top with spikes can also prevent someone from climbing over.

Appeals court addresses Amazon defective product lawsuit

Over the last couple of decades, online companies have radically changed the way consumers purchased products. Amazon, the internet retail giant, is one the biggest companies providing countless products of nearly every type to people across the globe. Residents of Connecticut and elsewhere may wonder who is liable for injuries resulting from a product that was purchased on Amazon. A recent appeals court decision may challenge the way these unique cases are handled.

Traditionally, the manufacturer or seller of a defective product is held responsible for adverse events regarding the product. However, about half of the products listed on Amazon are from third-party companies. What happens if the injured party is unable to reach the owners of a third-party company that listed its items in an online store?

Sleeper recall highlights potential dangers of infant products

Consumers in Connecticut and elsewhere expect the products they buy to be safe for their families. This is especially true when it comes to products meant for babies. Almost nothing is more devastating for parents than when a child is seriously injured or worse. Unfortunately, dangerous products regularly pose a danger to infants and children. If consumers are not made aware of the dangers through recalls and news alerts, their families may be put at risk.

In some cases, companies issue recalls on products that have had no reported injuries if there are concerns about the product’s safety. CNN reported a recent recall involving Fisher-Price inclined infant sleeper accessories made for all models of the Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard, despite no injuries or fatalities having been reported as of yet. Last April, Fisher-Price recalled more than four million Rock ‘n Play Sleepers after more than 30 infant fatalities were reported over a 10-year period.

Medical malpractice and pre-existing conditions

There is a mistaken belief that a patient’s pre-existing condition somehow protects doctors from claims of medical malpractice. It seems logical – it would be harder to prove a doctor’s mistake is the reason for a patient’s downturn or untimely death if the patient already suffered from a serious medical condition.

This is not always the case, however. Even in a patient is already incapacitated or in serious pain, it is possible for the doctor’s negligence to make the issue worse. And if that happens, there may be cause to pursue a lawsuit.

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