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What are the lasting effects of a workplace injury?

After a workplace injury in Connecticut, you may focus mainly on getting better and healing in the short term. The workers' compensation system also has this focus. There is not a lot of thought that goes into long-term effects of an injury beyond the physical healing. However, you may experience long-term effects even after you have healed physically and can return to work.

According to the Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America, you may suffer from physical pain or have emotional and financial issues long after you are considered healed from a workplace injury. This can take a huge toll on your family and your life.

Six tips to stay safe on your motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate feeling of freedom. It is you and your motorcycle out on the open road. But that freedom is also dangerous. There simply is just not as much between you and the road or you and another vehicle.

Certain behaviors can help protect you. Below are six ways you can keep yourself safe while riding your motorcycle.

Maternal mortality rates on the rise across America

When you get set to give birth in Connecticut, you might have concerns about whether you and your baby will experience an easy, healthy delivery, and it might surprise you to know that maternal mortality rates are on the rise across the nation. It may, too, surprise you to learn that your race ultimately plays a role in the likelihood of you dying during childbirth, or within one year of childbirth, and that women of some races face higher risks than others. At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C. we recognize that the majority of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable, and we have helped many people who suffered hardship or lost loved ones due to pregnancy or childbirth pursue appropriate recourse in the aftermath.

According to Psychology Today, pregnancy-related deaths continue to increase across America, even though researchers and scientists are regularly making medical advancements meant to reduce pregnancy-linked fatalities. Currently, about 700 American women lose their lives annually as a result of pregnancy-related circumstances, and estimates suggest that more than 60 percent of these deaths could have been avoidable, suggesting that many of them resulted from doctor or hospital errors.

Personality changes following an auto crash

In the wake of a motor vehicle collision, an accident victim may experience various hardships in their personal and professional lives. Their relationships may be adversely affected due to physical, financial and emotional changes, and their job may also be negatively impacted. In this post, we will look into a number of issues related to personality changes resulting from motor vehicle collisions. If someone you love is struggling with this firsthand, or if you believe that your personality has changed due to a crash, it is essential to consider various relevant issues.

Motor vehicle wrecks can cause victims to become depressed, angry or overwhelmingly stressed. A victim may be prescribed pain medication to help with an injury that they sustained in the wreck, which could also lead to personality changes and other challenges such as opiate addiction. The loved ones of those who are involved in motor vehicle collisions may also suffer as they see relationships disintegrate and feel as if they do not know their loved one anymore.

What are reasons medications may be recalled?

When you buy medicine from a Connecticut pharmacy, whether over-the-counter medicine or a prescription drug, you want that medicine to improve your state of health. However, some medicines have the potential to degrade a person's health or cause death due to defects. Sometimes the producers of a medication discover problems with their products. When this occurs, the manufacturer will issue a recall of the drug. There are a number of reasons why drugs may be recalled.

As WebMD points out, there have been times when medication has been out on the market and health problems have resulted from use. In these instances, the potential for the medication to develop health issues was not known at the time the drug was manufactured. However, as people used the medication, the fact that the medicine caused illness or other problems became evident.

Speeding and drunk driving continue to pose risks

It might seem normal to you and many other people in Connecticut that you make arrangements to be safe when going out to an event at which alcohol will be served. You might choose to identify one person in your group to be the designated driver or you might opt to use ridesharing or public transportation options. Either way, safety is a priority for you. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone in Connecticut takes their safety or the safety of others quite as seriously.

According to the records provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of people killed in Connecticut in accidents involving drunk driving or speeding increased every year between 2014 and 2017. These are completely unnecessary deaths and drivers always have other options besides driving when drunk or speeding.

Are business owners responsible for your safety?

Under Connecticut law, commercial property owners do have a duty to the safety of anyone who comes on their premises. This includes not only paying customers but the general public. Even trespassers have (very limited) protections.

If you are injured on commercial property - as a patron, tenant or visitor -- you may have grounds to sue for compensation if the owners or proprietors failed to keep you safe.

'Fourth trimester’ can be a dangerous time for new mothers

The United States has one of the highest rates of infant mortality. We also have a poor track record when it comes to the health of the mother -- especially after childbirth.

Too many American women die or suffer life-threatening or disabling complications of pregnancy and childbirth. In egregious cases, doctors may be liable for malpractice for simply sending new moms on their way without any follow-up.

The power of justice in wrongful death cases

At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, LLC, we know that no amount of monetary compensation could ever make up for the loss of a loved one. You cannot put a price on closure. However, we believe there is often much more than money at stake for those who pursue justice for wrongful death through the Connecticut civil courts.

What we find so powerful about the process is not the fact that bereaved families have the potential to gain compensation for the loss of their loved ones. It is the way that these people use the funds they receive to rebuild their lives, secure their futures or even prevent future tragedies.

Be skeptical about generic settlement estimates

Connecticut drivers who get involved in accidents often turn to legal action to get compensated. Between serious injuries and large amounts of property damage, there imay be a significant amount of money involved in any given auto accident dispute.

But you should ask for a breakdown of any proposed settlement. What sounds like a lot of money may not go as far as you think or may not cover all your losses.

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