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Connecticut criminal law punishes drunk drivers for the harm they cause, but injury victims also have recourse in civil courts. By working with an attorney, you may be able to bring a lawsuit and recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life after a drunk driving accident.

At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, P.C., we represent the victims of drunk driving accidents in civil lawsuits. Our team of experienced trial lawyers understands the serious injuries that often occur in drunk driving accidents. Our clients have experienced serious harm, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, burns and wrongful death.

Their lives have been completely changed by drunk driving accidents. By taking legal action, they can begin to move forward and heal.

Dram Shop Liability

Under Connecticut dram shop liability laws, bars and restaurants can sometimes be held accountable when they serve someone who causes a drunk driving accident. This is true when they serve someone who is underage or who is already clearly intoxicated. Homeowners can also be held legally accountable when they provide alcohol to minors or allow minors to drink on their property.

The law requires these businesses and homeowners to pay damages to people who were injured in drunk driving accidents. The law also holds them accountable to the surviving families of people killed in drunk driving accidents.

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Working with a lawyer can be an effective way to recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life after you have been injured in a drunk driving accident. To schedule your free initial consultation with us, contact Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, P.C., and speak with one of our representatives.

How it Works

Contingency Fees

At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, P.C., we handle all Drunk Driving Accidents cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid unless and until you receive a settlement or a jury award.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation with a skilled Connecticut personal injury lawyer today. Contact us online or call our New Haven law firm directly at 203-865-8430.

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