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When Doctors Fail To Diagnose A Serious Condition

The diagnosis of a serious medical problem is always a shock that brings with it fear and anxiety. When the diagnosis could and should have been made months or years earlier, your fears are multiplied and your options often minimized.

If you suffer from a serious medical condition that went undiagnosed, you need experienced legal counsel to protect your interests and force the responsible parties to provide financial compensation for your avoidable injuries, including pain and suffering, unnecessary medical treatments, lost wages and loss of the enjoyment of life.

Successful In Connecticut Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Since 1988, the law firm of Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, P.C., located in New Haven, has provided aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation to people injured due to medical malpractice cases throughout Connecticut. Our attorneys have more than 150 years’ combined experience fighting health care professionals for fair compensation in medical malpractice and medical negligence cases, including cases involving failure to diagnose serious injury.

Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, P.C., recently resolved a failure to diagnose lawsuit on behalf of a client whose biopsy of a salivary tumor was misinterpreted, resulting in a reoccurrence of the tumor and delay in treatment. We were able to settle the case before trial for $475,000. Read more about our recent settlements and verdicts.

Among others, we have successfully handled cases involving a doctor’s failure to diagnose:

  • Compartment Syndrome
  • Nerve injury
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Hemorrhage (internal bleeding)
  • Risk of patient falls

What To Expect During A Failure To Diagnose Lawsuit

When your serious medical condition has gone undiagnosed for a significant period of time, you may have difficulty knowing or understanding how different your life could have been, had the diagnosis been correctly made in a timely manner.

At Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge, we have extensive experience litigating these types of claims. We have a network of expert witnesses who can help us establish the full nature of your losses so that we can get full and fair compensation for you.

Contingency Fees ∙ Free Consultations

We handle all medical malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid unless and until you receive a settlement or a jury award.

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How it Works

Contingency Fees

At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, P.C., we handle all Failure to Diagnose cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid unless and until you receive a settlement or a jury award.

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