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Cases & Verdicts

At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C., our lawyers have an extensive record of success in personal injury litigation. The examples below are only a representative sample of the cases we have successfully handled. We strive to provide the same level of representation for each of our clients. To learn more about Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge, contact or call (203) 865-8430.

$1.4 million – Motor vehicle accident – Arbitration award of $1.4M for clavicle fracture with non-union sustained in intersection accident

$267,480.04 – Motor vehicle accident – Verdict in Underinsured Motorist case (Brendan Nelligan)

$442,085.08 – Motor vehicle accident – Verdict in Motor Vehicle Accident case (Robert Schwab)

$2.5 Million – Medical malpractice – Bridgeport jury has awarded more than $2.4 million to the family of a man who died from a heart attack weeks after they say two doctors misdiagnosed his heart condition

$800,000 – Traumatic Brain Injury – settlement for boating accident which resulted in severe traumatic brain injury.

$600,000 – Traumatic Brain Injury – settlement of an underinsured motorist claim for a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

$487,500 -Slip and fall – settlement for a slip and fall on ice resulting in a broken ankle.

$300,000 – Slip and fall – at a shopping center.

$2.7 million – Wrongful death – Failure of emergency dispatcher to follow applicable protocols resulting in death.

$170,000 – Slip and fall – Settlement for a slip and fall on black ice on a bridge.

$292,500 – Slip and fall – Verdict for a slip and fall on a wet floor of a nightclub.

$1,300,000 – Slip and fall – on ice resulting in injury to left leg and development of reflex sympathetic dystrophy throughout the body.

$620,000 – Motor vehicle accident – Settlement for PTSD and emotional distress resulting from a head on collision motor vehicle accident.

$400,000 – Medical malpractice – Settlement at mediation of wrongful death medical malpractice claim of misdiagnosis of liver cancer.

$450,000 – Medical malpractice – claim for failure to diagnose left eye abnormality in minor resulting in blindness in the left eye.

$575,000 – Medical malpractice – claim for negligent treatment of a fractured tibia and fibula.

$450,000 – Medical malpractice – claim against hospital for failure to recognize fall risk of patient resulting in blunt force trauma to the head, subarachnoid hemorrhage and death.

$900,000 – Motor vehicle accident resulting in back injury.

$1 million – Medical malpractice – Death of a 70-year-old plaintiff.

$500,000 – Premises liability – Falling merchandise causing post-traumatic stress disorder.

$3.6 million – Medical malpractice verdict after trial for wrongful death.

$890,000 – Pedestrian motor vehicle accident – Settlement for a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle.

$625,000 – Motor vehicle accident – Back injury and drug dependence.


– Medical malpractice for failure to diagnose a heart condition leading to death of plaintiff.

$1 million – Medical malpractice – Failure to diagnose prostate cancer.

$1.85 million – Medical malpractice for surgical error – Death following error in aortic dissection.

$712,500 – Premises liability – Back injury resulting from negligence on a construction site.

$1.85 million –Truck tires fell off resulting in an accident and a traumatic brain injury.

$900,000 – Prescription error by pharmacy.

$2.75 million – Exposure to carbon monoxide resulting in traumatic brain injury.

$1.85 million – Ice and snow fall down by a diabetic causing amputation.

$1.5 million – Medical malpractice for anesthesia error – Settlement for wrongful death of plaintiff.

$5 million – Medical malpractice for surgical error – Brain injury caused by surgical error of neurosurgeon.

$1.2 million – Medical malpractice – Settlement for wrongful death.

$3.1 million – Failure to diagnose a rare form of cancer.

$1.35 million – Medical malpractice – Settlement for wrongful death.

$1.2 million – Nursing home liability – Death of an 82-year-old from a fall in a nursing home.

$3.4 million – Medical malpractice – Brain injury caused by post operative cleansing of a wound.

$1.2 million – Failure to properly treat an infection resulting in death.

$1.65 million – Failure to diagnose melanoma – Medical malpractice wrongful death case.

$1 million – Motor vehicle accident resulting in death.

$515,000 – Verdict for back injury.

$1.225 million – Failing to diagnose stroke.

$3.333 million – Medical malpractice verdict after trial for a traumatic brain injury caused by mis-intubation.

$1.42 million – Pedestrian motor vehicle accident – Traumatic brain injury of pedestrian hit in crosswalk.

$750,000 – Ambulance mis-intubation resulting in the death of an elderly woman.

$900,000 – Misdiagnosis of infection – Settlement for medical malpractice claim involving abdominal injury from misdiagnosis of an infection.

$1.5 million – Misdiagnosis of lung cancer resulting in death.

$2.4 million – Motor vehicle accident – Settlement for claim resulting in leg amputation.

$4 million – Medical malpractice wrongful death claim.

$425,000 – Negligent security claim – Settlement for sexual assault of a 20-year-old female college student at an apartment complex.

$2 Million – Motor vehicle accident wrongful death claim- Wife brought action for 38 year old husband and father killed as a result of a head on collision with an 82 year old defendant driver.

$375,000 – Fall in a depression of a retail store floor by 42 year old woman resulting in a left hip injury requiring surgery.

$800,000 – Premises liability – Claim by a 45 year old man hit in the head when a display rack sign fell at a retail store sustaining a forehead laceration which resulted in infection and loss of sight.

$400,000 – Underinsured motorist – Intersection car accident resulting in female plaintiff’s rotator cuff tear requiring surgery and lumbar disc herniation.

$2.25 million – Medical malpractice – Wrongful death claim involving a kidney transplant.

$750,000 – Acute inhalational injury in a 42-year-old man.

$495,000 – Tree stump removal resulting in a partial leg amputation of the plaintiff.

$400,000 – Sexual assault – Settlement before trial of a case involving the sexual assault of a minor.

$1.55 million – Emergency room medical malpractice claim – Failure to diagnose a 29-year-old woman with a hemorrhagic cerebral vascular accident.

$1,044,269 – Motor vehicle accident – Settlement for accident resulting in disc herniations and lumbar fusion surgery in the female plaintiff.

$450,000 – Late diagnosis of lung cancer – Settlement during trial for late diagnosis of lung cancer in 54 year old woman and former smoker.

$500,000 – Pedestrian motor vehicle accident – Claim by a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle sustaining a left tibial plateau fracture requiring surgery and post-traumatic arthritic changes of the knee.

$300,000 – Negligent security – Physical assault and robbery outside a retail store resulting in a fractured orbital and neck and post traumatic stress disorder.

$400,000 –Slip and fall on ice resulting in cervical herniated disc requiring discectomy and fusion surgery in 44 year old man.

$800,000 – Motor vehicle accident – Settlement for plaintiff who was a livery car driver in severe motor vehicle accident.

$450,000 – Motor vehicle accident – Claim for tear and re-tear of rotator cuff in 49-year-old iron worker. Shoulder tear required multiple surgeries and resulted in lost wages and lost earning capacity.

$500,000 – Construction site premises liability – Severe injuries sustained by construction worker who fell from a height while working at a private home.

$575,000 – Motor vehicle accident resulting in neck injury.

$875,000 – Medical Malpractice – Action against doctor who performed a sigmoid resection on a man in his 40s who was not a candidate for such procedure resulting in an abscess and infection.

$950,000 – Medical Malpractice of OB-GYN – Action against OB-GYN and hospital for a woman suffering cardiopulmonary arrest and congestive heart failure during the birth of her child.

$1.58 million – Failure to properly treat colon cancer – Settlement during trial.

$500,000 – Negligent Security – Settlement at mediation of a negligent security claim resulting in the physical assault of a woman in a known high crime area.

$770,000 – Negligent performance of spinal surgery.

$244,000 – Claim against mall and package delivery service for negligence when packages fell on a woman in her 40s while at the mall, causing a concussion, neck and shoulder pain, and chronic headaches.

$890,000 – Motorcycle accident – Settlement for motorcycle police officer injured in motorcycle accident which resulted in significant lower leg and ankle injuries requiring surgery.

$275,000 – Pedestrian motor vehicle accident – Claim for knee, shoulder and arm injuries all requiring surgery for pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident at an auto auction.

$460,000 – Negligent performance of surgery resulting in compartment syndrome.

$625,000 – Claim against hospital and emergency room doctor for failure to properly diagnose tibial plateau fracture and compartment syndrome in emergency room visit.

$240,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement of rear end motor vehicle accident where 42-year-old woman sustained aggravation of preexisting neck and back pain and a lumbar disc herniation and bulge.

$375,000 – Grocery store employees negligently pushing shopping cart into 79-year-old woman, knocking her to the ground.

$325,000 – Emergency Room Medical Malpractice – Claim against hospital for failure to properly diagnose and treat infection at emergency room.

$450,000 – Surgical negligence in performance of knee replacement resulting in death.

$700,000 – Failure to diagnose colon cancer.

$350,000 – Medical Malpractice claim for surgical error – Case against ear, nose and throat doctor for causing a temporal lobe contusion when he entered the patient’s brain during ear surgery.

$700,000 – Failure to diagnose colon cancer – Claim by an estate against a doctor for the wrongful death of a 60-year-old woman.

$385,000 – Medical malpractice for negligent administration of anticoagulation medication to man with head trauma resulting in his death.

$1 Million – Failure to diagnose cancer.

$750,000 – Settlement for failure of emergency room physicians to diagnose megacolon in 14-year-old girl resulting in her subsequent death.

$875,000 – Failure to properly manage and dose anti-seizure medication resulting in the death of an 8-year-old girl.

$950,000 – Negligent post-operative care – Claim by an estate for medical negligence in the post operative care of a man following aortic valve replacement which resulted in his death.

$1.9 million – Negligent performance of a laparoscopic sigmoid resection surgery which resulted in a bleed and subsequent death.

$312,500 – Failure to timely diagnose ovarian torsion in 17-year-old girl resulting in loss of her left ovary and left fallopian tube.

$1.4 million – Medical malpractice claim for failure to prescribe antibiotics for a deep ankle laceration sustained in a fall from a latter.

$600,000 – Claim for negligent performance of reconstructive breast surgery.

$300,000 – Failure to diagnose hemothorax which ultimately resulted in woman’s death.

$375,000 – Dog bite claim for 80-year-old woman resulting in lower back and hip pain and permanent scars to her arms.

$345,000 – Settlement of a slip and fall on ice outside a retail store in a shopping complex which resulted in neck fusion surgery on the young female plaintiff.

$860,000 – Claim for pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle.

$2.3 million – Failure to diagnose and treat a subdural bleed resulting in death.

$475,000.00 – Medical malpractice claim for post-op paralytic ileus following elective hip surgery which resulted in death of a 65-year-old man.

$3 million – Negligent service of alcohol to a motor vehicle operator – Resulting in motor vehicle accident causing paralysis.

$400,000 – Workers Compensation – Aortic Aneurysm

$240,000 – Workers Compensation – Back Injury/Surgery

$485,000 – Premises Liability – Refrigerator fell from crane at scrap metal yard and struck plaintiff – injuries to shoulder and back

$1.5 million – Failure to diagnose – impending myocardial infarction (heart attack) in 53 year old man.

$2.1 million – Motor vehicle accident – involving street sweeper and automobile.

$1 million – Failure to diagnose – lung cancer evident on presurgical screening x-ray in 61 year old woman.

Resolved at pretrial – Claim for failure to treat – sleep apnea and improper monitoring vital signs post surgically resulting in hypoxic event and death of 51 year old man.

$425,000 – Negligent security – claim against apartment complex involving assault on a female college student

$950,000 – Medical malpractice claim – resulting from emergency room failure to diagnose abdominal obstruction in 9 year old boy

$190,000 – Retained lap pad (sponge) – after Caesarian section

$300,000 – Death of elderly patient at nursing home – due to improper monitoring and aspiration

Claim of failure to properly read pap smears – resulting in cervical dysplasia and hysterectomy.

$2 million and waiver of compensation lien – Workers’ compensation – Death of a 38 year old male, involving workers’ compensation claim and negligence of elderly driver.

$325,000 – Auto accident – Facial scarring in a 20 year old girl due to an auto accident.

$615,000 – Bicycle accident – involving traumatic brain injury of client. The client made a satisfactory recovery, and returned to school.

Other noteworthy results:

$270,000 – Soft tissue injury – involving neck injury, Offer from insurance company was $15,000.00 with a 5% permanent partial disability to the neck.

$420,000 – Failure to diagnose prostate cancer – 54-year-old man.

$1.3 million – Malpractice claim – negligent performance of a spinal disc surgery. Our client, a 35-year-old woman, suffered nerve injury and disability.

$ 2.2 million – Delayed delivery of infant – Caused disability to and subsequent death of infant child.

$950,000 – Failure to diagnose breast cancer: 35-year-old woman. Claim was settled during pretrial.

Defective sidewalk: Jury verdict of $944,000. The municipality’s appeal was denied by the Appellate and Supreme Courts and the city paid $1.1 million dollars.

Workers compensation claim: Carrier denied benefits to a widow and two children based upon claim that the employee was on his lunch hour. We obtained full benefits for the widow and her children.

$1.1 million – Motor vehicle accident – Traumatic brain injury and fractures caused by a motor vehicle accident: 38- year-old woman. Case resolved at mediation.

$300,000 – Fractured femur – resulting in partial disability: 22-year-old woman.

$100,000 – Volunteer fireman responding to an emergency who was rear-ended: Client had a 5% disability to his neck. Carrier offered $7,500.00

$1.9 million – Truck accident – in which mother of two children was killed: Investigation revealed defective truck parts played a role in accident.

$1 million – Misinterpretation of a mammogram: Resulted in delay in diagnosis of breast cancer and death of 55-year-old woman.

$1 million – Failure to diagnose – subarachnoid hemorrhage: 38-year-old woman.

$475,000 – Misinterpretation of a biopsy of a salivary tumor: Resulted in a reoccurrence and delay in treatment.

$650,000 -Failure to deliver an oversized baby by C-Section: Resulted in fetal death

$1.2 million – Delay in delivery of infant: Caused cerebral palsy in infant child.

$124,000 – Claim for Unfair Trade Practices: For the banking institution’s role in employee’s theft of $20,000.00 wire transmission.

$280,000 – Nursing home negligence: 86-year- old male patient on a soft food diet aspirated on bacon, resulting in death.

$290,000 – Failure to diagnose lung cancer: 6- year-old woman with a long history of smoking.

$500,000 – Complications from gynecological surgery: 81-year-old woman, resulted in death.

$500,000 – Delay in diagnosis of breast cancer: 70-year-old woman, misread mammogram, resulted in advanced breast cancer.

$350,000 – Failure to properly repair a vein: Claim by 63-year-old man against vascular surgeon.

$675,000 – Delay in diagnosis of colon cancer: Resulted in advanced disease in a 65 year old man. Case settled for $675,000.

$325,000 – Complications from treatment for prostate cancer: 72-year-old man, successfully treated with a prostate cancer, developed urinary incontinence and required permanent bag.

$400,000 – Claim against police department: Death of a 43-year-old during police chase. The municipality claimed governmental immunity.

$500,000 – Failure to diagnose scoliosis: 10-year-old girl. Resulted in progression of curvature of the spine, requiring surgery.

$750,000 – Loss of kidney due to malpractice during surgery for testicular cancer:

$900,000 – Malpractice by vascular surgeon: Surgeon cut iliac artery in elective procedure in a 32 year old male, leaving victim with a partial disability.

$137,500 – Product liability – claim for oxygen tank containing liquid oxygen: Tank tipped over, resulting in third degree burns. After mediation with the product manufacturer and distributor, the case settled

$750,000 – Paralysis in a 38-year-old man after lumbar surgery: After medical experts determined cause of injury, case settled at mediation

$2 million – Claim of negligence against homeowner: Failure to mark shallow end of an in-ground pool and for painting the bottom of the pool black, resulting in paraplegia. Case settled before trial.

$1,475,000 – Failure to diagnose post-operative knee infection: Resulted in significant disability.

$300,000 – Failure to provide adequate security at a residential/commercial building: Resulted in assault.

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