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April 2019 Archives

Medical error prosecution: helpful or harmful?

When it comes to patient safety, most people in Connecticut might agree that every patient deserves to receive the highest quality of medical care possible. People also recognize that medical professionals are human beings which makes them naturally prone to making mistakes. When a doctor, nurse or other health care professional does make an error, it is reasonable for the patient or their family members to investigate their compensation and justice options.

Bicycle accidents frequently cause injuries to children

For many Connecticut children, riding a bicycle may be a frequent activity in the warm summer months. While bicycling often promotes physical fitness and independence, there may be risks as well. Bicycle accidents frequently cause injuries, and these may consist of anything from minor cuts and scrapes to serious traumatic brain injuries.

Staying safe as a pedestrian as summer approaches

Last year, a study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed that pedestrian deaths across Connecticut had increased at an alarming rate. According to research released at the end of 2018, pedestrian deaths from motor vehicle accidents have slightly decreased across the state. However, pedestrian safety remains a critical issue both across the state and the country as pedestrians face constant risks on the roads.

How to spot the signs of road rage

If you have ever driven aggressively while navigating the Connecticut roadways, you are not alone. In fact, approximately 80 percent of American drivers say that they have, at some point, engaged in such driving behaviors, according to AAA. Not surprisingly, aggressive driving habits were involved in at least 56 percent of deadly car accidents throughout the country. Whether you are stuck in traffic while on your way to an important meeting or you are late to work, it is crucial to know how to spot the signs of road rage so that you may be able to avoid a catastrophic accident.

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