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At any given moment, there are countless construction sites set up throughout New Haven. While construction is necessary, it is important to remember that construction sites are dangerous places. Indeed, accidents resulting in serious injury happen frequently on them, leaving victims facing physical, mental, and financial challenges.

If you’ve been injured on a construction site, speak with a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible for legal guidance. 

Why Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge?

Construction accidents can affect several aspects of your life, including your physical and mental well-being. Additionally, a serious accident can put you in dire financial straits. 

Fortunately, the construction accident law firm of Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge has the skills and experience necessary to aggressively pursue the compensation you’re entitled to.

Throughout our 30-plus years of experience, we’ve had the opportunity to represent countless clients injured in construction accidents. In that time, we’ve had many successes and collected millions of dollars in settlements.

If you’ve been harmed in a construction accident, you don’t have to handle your claim alone. The construction accident lawyers at Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge are ready to speak with you and determine how we can serve you best. 

How Do Construction Accidents Happen?

Construction sites are extremely busy places, and there is always plenty going on. As a result, accidents can happen at any time all over the site. 

There are several types of construction accidents. Some of the most common include:

  • Slips and trips
  • Falls from heights
  • Getting caught in between objects
  • Electrocution
  • Getting struck by an object
  • Collapses
  • Explosions or fires
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals and materials

In general, construction accidents are often caused by two things: negligence or defective products. More specifically, accidents on construction sites arise from any of the following:

  • Inadequate training and education
  • Negligent hiring
  • Malfunctioning or outdated tools or equipment
  • Lack of safety equipment
  • Carelessness
  • Lack of procedures on site
  • Dangerous working conditions

If you’re injured on a construction site after an accident that was not your fault, you deserve to pursue compensation. Consult with a construction accident lawyer to find out what you might be entitled to. 

Injuries Often Resulting from Construction Accidents

The injuries caused by a construction site accident can be particularly serious. In some instances, they have long-term effects that hinder your ability to work and live like you once did. Common construction accident injuries can include:

  • Electrocutions
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Crushing injuries

Construction accidents can also result in more severe health consequences. Victims injured at construction sites have been known to suffer brain damage, paralysis,  amputations, and even death.

After a construction accident, always put your health and safety first. Seek medical attention right away to avoid complications from your injuries. Also, make sure to follow through with your medical treatment, as this can help you recover as much as your body allows. 

And when you’re able and ready, schedule a consultation with a construction accident law firm. They’ll begin working on your claim right away. 

Pursuing Financial Recovery for Your Construction Accident Injuries

How you pursue compensation for construction accident injuries often differs from how you seek damages for other types of accidents. For example, in car, truck, and pedestrian accidents, you can either seek monetary recovery from the at-fault driver’s car insurance or through a personal injury lawsuit. If you’re a construction worker injured on your work site, you’ll likely need to file a workers’ compensation claim. 

Workers’ compensation is a special type of insurance most Connecticut employers must carry for their employees. If you’re injured in a work-related accident, you can file a workers’ comp claim for benefits and compensation. 

Workers’ comp can provide you with much-needed benefits after a construction accident, including payment for medical expenses and wage replacement if you miss time from work. Additionally, if you suffer a disability, workers’ comp can provide longer-term benefits. 

Your construction accident lawyer can help you understand the workers’ comp benefits you may be entitled to receive. They will also help you with your claim to ensure that you receive fair compensation. 

Below, we’ve answered some of the questions most often asked by clients injured in construction accidents. We’re also ready to address additional questions and concerns during your initial consultation.

How it Works

Contingency Fees

At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, P.C., we handle all Construction Accidents cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid unless and until you receive a settlement or a jury award.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation with a skilled Connecticut personal injury lawyer today. Contact us online or call our New Haven law firm directly at 203-865-8430.


Construction Accidents FAQs

Can I Sue My Employer for a Construction Accident?

Absent special circumstances, you would not be able to file a lawsuit against your employer when you are injured in a construction accident and eligible to file a workers’ compensation insurance claim. In exchange for protecting employees in the event of an accident at work, employers are protected from legal action. 

The same cannot be said for third parties, however. If a third party played a role in causing your accident, they would not be safe from a lawsuit. In that case, your construction accident law firm could assist with filing a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf for compensation from this party.

Your attorney can review the details of your accident to determine whether you would have a viable claim against any third party. And if you do, they will seek action on your behalf.

What Should I Do After a Construction Accident?

The first thing you should do after sustaining injuries in a construction site accident is seek medical attention. If your injuries require immediate medical care, do not hesitate to call 911. 

You should report your accident to your employer or supervisor as soon as you can. Employers must notify their insurance company to start the workers’ comp process.

Meet with a construction accident attorney right away for legal advice. An attorney can review the details of your case and provide valuable guidance with the workers’ compensation process. And if you’re able to file a lawsuit for your injuries, your lawyer can also handle this on your behalf. 

What Can I Do if I’ve Lost a Loved One in a Construction Accident?

In the most unfortunate cases, construction workers are either killed in an accident or succumb to complications from work-related injuries. 

If you’ve lost a loved one after a construction accident, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp provides victims’ families with death benefits after losing a loved one in a workplace accident.

You may also have other legal options. It is best to consult with a construction accident lawyer to receive helpful information and determine your next steps. 

How Can a Lawyer Help Me with My Construction Accident Case?

If you’re injured on the job while working in construction, it is crucial that you schedule a meeting with a lawyer at a construction accident law firm. An attorney can give you sound legal advice, determine the best way to handle your claim, and take on claim-related tasks. 

Having a skilled construction accident attorney on your side is even more important when dealing with workers’ comp insurance. Insurance companies are known to be difficult when a victim files a claim. An experienced lawyer can help ensure you get the benefits you’re entitled to without the insurance company taking advantage of you.

If you have issues with your claim or receive a denial, a construction accident lawyer can figure out why the insurance company denied your claim and work to correct the problem. 

After suffering injuries in a construction site accident, you need and deserve fair compensation. A construction accident attorney will work to protect your rights and fight for a favorable outcome. 

What Are the Time Restrictions to Seek Compensation After a Construction Accident?

When seeking financial recovery after a construction accident, you want to note two time restrictions: the time limit to file a workers’ compensation claim and the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits.

If you’re filing a workers’ comp claim, time is limited. After being injured in a work accident, you have one year to file your insurance claim. 

This differs from claims for occupational diseases and conditions, which must be filed within three years of the development of the health issue. If you’re able to file a personal injury lawsuit, Connecticut law allows you two years from the date of your accident to do so. 

To help avoid potential complications, make sure to give yourself enough time to file your claim. The sooner you consult with your construction accident lawyer, the faster they can begin working on your case. 

Don’t Wait — Seek Legal Help from a Qualified Construction Accident Attorney Today

If you’re injured in an accident on a construction site, do not wait to consult with a construction accident law firm, as time is of the essence. Contact our firm today to request your complimentary case review, and we’ll discuss how we can help you. 

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