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Why do so many U.S. mothers die or almost die from childbirth?

Sometimes everyone is so focused on the baby that they overlook serious threats to the mother’s health. Every year, about 800 U.S. women die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and another 65,000 suffer near-death medical emergencies. About half of these calamities occur after the baby is born.

Many moms who lived to tell the tale say they were not properly educated on the risks or the signs of life-threatening conditions. Research suggests that many of the nurses who should be teaching this are not adequately trained on maternal health care.

How common are injuries caused by work tools?

It has been estimated that serious injuries caused by work equipment happen to about 25 out of every 10,000 workers.

Bear in mind that these are ALL workers, including clerical, administrative and IT people. If you work in a more tool-intensive industry like construction, warehouse work, or heavy-duty work like plumbing, hauling, landscaping or excavating, the rate is much, much higher. Also note that these are nonfatal injuries. The figures below do not include people killed by tools and equipment.

The length and breadth of Southern Connecticut

For decades Connecticut was characterized as a commuter state, taking the trains and highways daily into New York.

The truth is, most of us work right here. Far from being a pleasant bedroom region, residents of our state do battle with trucks and other commercial vehicles every day on our interstates and freeways.

A Shocking Distracted Driving Trend: Taking Videos While Driving

Distracted driving is an epidemic that keeps growing. Talking on a phone or texting while driving are behaviors that many people engage in while driving. However, one new distracted driving trend is particularly dangerous: Taking videos or live streaming while driving.

Live Streaming While Driving Causes Teen Death

Hundreds Of Trucks Sidelined In Surprise Brake Inspection

Bad brakes are one of the most common dangers of commercial vehicles. Due to their massive weight, stopping distance is long even under ideal conditions. If the truck’s brakes are worn or substandard, it can lead to catastrophic harm to the motoring public in an emergency braking situation.

In May, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducted a day of unannounced roadside inspections across the U.S. and Canada. Out of 9,500 inspections, nearly 2,000 trucks were placed out of service for trucking infractions, including 1,146 trucks with brake-related violations. Frightening, when you consider they pulled over just a fraction of all the big trucks cruising American roads and highways.

Report Says Connecticut Is One Of Safest States To Live

The National Safety Council gives Connecticut an overall grade of B as a safe place to live, based on three categories – roadway safety, workplace safety, and safety in the home and community.

No state received an A rating from the NSC. But considering 11 states were given an F rating, Connecticut residents and lawmakers can take pride and comfort in knowing that we are relatively safe. Of course, there is always room for improvement.

Staying safe on your daily commute

Driving is probably the most dangerous thing you will do all day.

And since commuting hours tend to be the heaviest in terms of traffic, your highest risk driving time is probably before and after work.

Truckers and regulators not all on board with self-driving trucks

Delivery drones and 3D printers will not eliminate the need for millions of trucks to move goods around the country. But self-driving trucks may someday eliminate human truck drivers.

The Texas Legislature has laid the groundwork for autonomous trucking, reasoning that it makes sense to establish regulations for what appears to be the future of the trucking industry. However, many independent owner-operators and federal trucking regulators are skeptical that self-driving 18-wheelers can safely replace licensed human truck drivers. At least not yet.

Victims of Starbucks coffee burns awarded $100,000

Hot coffee and flimsy lids is an accident waiting to happen.
A Florida jury has awarded $100,000 to a woman who suffered second-degree burns to her abdomen when the lid popped off her Starbucks coffee. Such lawsuits have yielded mixed results over the years, from the infamous million-dollar McDonald’s case to a similar lawsuit against Starbucks in 2015 that ended in no recovery for the victim.

Rather than focusing on the temperature of the coffee, per se, the Florida case hinged on Starbucks’ signature coffee cup. Joanne Mogavero’s lawyers argued that the store failed to warn customers that the lids were prone to popping loose. At trial, a Starbucks representative acknowledged that the company gets about 80 complaints every month about lids that pop off or leak, causing burns and other havoc.

Why not more outcry about the high number of truck accidents

Numerous accidents, but little alarm

There is little doubt that 18-wheelers and other large trucks pose a risk to drivers on the road. Many people, however, may not realize how common truck accidents have become in the United States. And when a heavy vehicle crashes into a lighter automobile, the results can be catastrophic.

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