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There comes a time in an elder’s life when moving to a nursing home is the best choice for their future. Sometimes it’s their decision, other times it’s based on a family member’s preference, but it is always done with the elder person’s best interests in mind. 

Although most can’t fathom ever causing harm to an elderly individual, nursing home abuse is a widespread issue. An elderly patient’s family should feel confident leaving their loved one in a nursing home, but often, these individuals are at risk within the four walls of these facilities.

If your elderly loved one has been the target of abuse or neglect, the Stamford nursing home lawyers at Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge are ready to assist you. 

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Time, aging, and illness can all contribute to an elderly person’s need to live in a nursing home. Nursing homes should be safe spaces for older individuals to receive quality care for the duration of their stay. Unfortunately, trust in nursing home staff can easily be misplaced.

If your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in their nursing home, the Stamford nursing home law firm Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge is ready to help you.

We fully understand the mental and emotional pain you feel when you learn your loved one has undergone unnecessary suffering. Our attorneys can help you seek the justice your family so rightly deserves. 

Contact Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge today, and let’s discuss how we can help you. 

Common Issues Within Nursing Homes

Several issues can arise in a nursing home setting. However, the two most prominent issues in nursing homes are abuse and neglect.

If you know or have reason to believe your elderly loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect, do not wait to consult with a Stamford nursing home lawyer.

Nursing Home Abuse

Elderly abuse is a significant problem, both within nursing homes and in general. Abuse of the elderly occurs when a trusted individual harms an older adult. While “abuse” may indicate physical harm, nursing home abuse can take many forms.

An elderly individual can experience abuse in their nursing home in any of the following ways:

  • Physical abuse: Elder individuals’ bodies are fragile; therefore, physical abuse can result in serious, life-threatening injuries
  • Emotional or mental abuse: When an older person experiences emotional or mental abuse, their abuser gets into their minds and affects them psychologically 
  • Sexual abuse: The elderly community in nursing homes is at risk of sexual abuse by caretakers who feel they can easily take advantage of their patients
  • Financial abuse: Trusted caretakers can easily gain access to their patients’ finances or convince their patients to include them in their estate plans

Along with the above, abandonment is also considered to be a type of elder abuse. When an elderly individual is abandoned, their caretaker intentionally deserts them.

When your loved one is in a nursing home, it’s helpful to look out for common signs of elder abuse. These include:

  • New, unexplained physical injuries
  • Bruises
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Bleeding or bruising around the genitals
  • Problems sitting or walking
  • Recently developed depression and anxiety
  • Issues with sleeping
  • Lack of appetite
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Sudden changes in personality or behavior

If you believe your elderly loved one may be experiencing nursing home abuse, it’s critical to speak with a Stamford attorney as soon as possible. 

Nursing Home Neglect

When you put your loved one in a nursing home, you trust and believe they’re receiving the care they need. However, older individuals can be neglected, meaning they fail to receive proper care and attention. This neglect results in physical and mental repercussions. 

People often group nursing home neglect together with abuse, as both neglect and abuse can severely affect an elderly individual’s quality of life. 

There are several types of elder neglect, including medical neglect. When an older individual’s medical needs are neglected, it is easy for medical conditions to worsen and new injuries and illnesses to develop. Additionally, neglecting to provide basic human needs like food, water, and clothing is common. 

When an elderly person is neglected, you may note any of the following signs:

  • Dehydration and/or malnutrition
  • Bedsores
  • Unexplained injuries
  • New and/or untreated medical conditions
  • Poor hygiene
  • Personality or behavior changes

Nursing home neglect can become more dangerous for the neglected patient as time goes on. Therefore, if you think your loved one is being neglected by nursing home staff, do not hesitate to talk to a Stamford lawyer for nursing homes. 

Liability for Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

When it comes to liability, the party responsible for the abuse or neglect would be liable for the resulting injuries and losses. However, in nursing home cases, liability can be shared by multiple parties.

Usually, as in other types of personal injury cases, it’s important to look at the cause of the injuries to help determine who is liable. Nursing home abuse and neglect can happen for several reasons, but most frequently because of negligent hiring, inadequate staffing, and poor training.

Liability for nursing home abuse can lie with the abuser alone. However, in many nursing home cases, the nursing home itself holds some responsibility for hiring the abuser and leaving room for the abuse to occur in the first place.

Pinpointing fault for the abuse is one of the most critical parts of nursing home cases. Your Stamford attorney for nursing homes can determine which party could be held liable and do everything necessary to establish negligence and proceed on your journey to justice and compensation. 

Stamford Nursing Home Lawyer — Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is My Nursing Home Claim Worth?

When you have a viable nursing home claim, it’s common to wonder how your Stamford nursing home lawyer determines the value of your case. Several factors play a role in determining the value of your claim, including your loved one’s injuries, the total of their medical bills, and how the abuse will affect them going forward.

Damages for nursing home cases can be economic or non-economic. Economic damages can include medical bills and rehabilitation expenses, while non-economic damages could include pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Your nursing home lawyer can accurately calculate the value of your claim in order to pursue the fairest settlement. 

When Should I Contact a Stamford Lawyer for Nursing Homes?

Determining whether your loved one is, in fact, experiencing abuse or neglect can be challenging. You’re not with them all day every day, and common signs of abuse can be indications of something unrelated.

However, if you believe your elderly loved one is being abused, consult with a Stamford attorney for nursing homes as quickly as possible. Our lawyers have extensive experience with these types of cases, so we can provide proper guidance and advice on how to proceed with a potential claim. 

What Should I Do if I Suspect My Loved One Is Being Abused or Neglected in Their Nursing Home?

If you think your loved one is being abused or neglected, you can try to gather some information or evidence. For example, you can speak with caretakers or other nursing home staff, discuss your concerns with potential witnesses, and take photos and videos of visible injuries. 

Then, take your concerns to a Stamford nursing home lawyer. An attorney can ask questions regarding your observations and determine how best to help you. 

How Much Time Do I Have to File My Nursing Home Lawsuit?

Statutes of limitations are laws set in place to restrict the time a plaintiff is allowed to file their lawsuit in court.

Under Connecticut law, the statute of limitations for nursing home cases is two years from the date the abuse was discovered or should have reasonably been discovered. The time you’re allotted may vary depending on the specifics of your case, so it is best to discuss this with a skilled Stamford nursing home attorney. 

Protect the Elderly with a Stamford Nursing Home Attorney

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is not always preventable. Still, if you suspect abuse or neglect of a loved one, do not wait to take action. Time is limited to pursue justice.

When you’re ready to protect your loved one from further harm, the Stamford nursing home attorneys at Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge are ready to help you.

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