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Connecticut's assistive technology program aids the disabled

Not all residents of New Haven, Connecticut, may be able to fully comprehend the trauma of a serious disability. Whether physically permanent or temporary, disabilities can have a long-term impact of the psyche of the injured person. A loss of functionality, in particular, is most difficult to cope with, as it can result in drastic changes to a person's lifestyle and livelihood. Luckily, the latest innovations in technology are useful in restoring some ability to such individuals.

Spinal cord injury more likely after the elderly fall

The spinal cord is an incredible marvel that allows the human race to carry out its day-to-day activities. However, an injury to the spinal cord can cause severe adverse impacts and may result in disability. Unfortunately, people of any age can sustain spinal cord injury ("SCI") because of accidents caused by the negligence of others.

Robotic suit allows spinal cord patients to move on their own

Many U.S. doctors, including those in Connecticut, have devoted their time and knowledge to discover treatments, medications or devices that can help patients with spinal cord injuries. Various approaches have been introduced from prosthetic implants to stem cells. A recently introduced futuristic breakthrough may allow something all spinal cord injury patients want, to walk again.

Spinal cord injury prevention for Connecticut children

The last thing any Connecticut parent would want is for their child to be severely hurt. But every year, around 2,000 children and adolescents suffer a spinal cord injury. To help avoid becoming one of the statistics, parents can follow these steps to help keep their children out of harm's way.

New treatment may help people with spinal cord injuries

A lack of oxygen is deadly to most people. A new study from Canadian researchers, however, shows that breathing treatments in which low levels of oxygen are used can actually benefit those suffering from debilitating but not complete spinal cord injuries.

Auto accidents, falls, leading causes of spinal cord injury

New Haven, Connecticut, residents should carefully consider the recent findings of the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center. According to the NSCISC, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Falls come in second.

New research brings hope to spinal cord injury patients

A New Haven, Connecticut resident suffering from a spinal cord injury may find a glimmer of hope in the findings of a recent scientific study. A study published in Science Translation Medicine examined rats with severed spinal cords that were implanted with a pace maker in the brain. This resulted in the rats gaining the ability to use their hind legs in an almost-normal manner.

New Haven residents should be wary of trampoline-related injuries

A trampoline craze has swept the country as of late. Recreational parks in New Haven, Connecticut, have also joined the trend and included trampoline use in their list of activities. However, although jumping on a trampoline may be fun, residents should still confirm its safety as its popularity has also been met with injury cases, including neck and spinal cord injuries.

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