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Posts tagged "distracted driving"

Connecticut's tough distracted driving laws could get tougher

The Governors Highway Safety Association is using the state of Connecticut's laws against texting while driving as a model for other states to follow in combating distracted driving.

PSA demonstrates how distracted driving accidents occur

Thanks to smartphones, the world is literally at our fingertips 24-7. We use our phones to connect with family and friends, stay up on current events, play games, surf the Internet, shop and do countless other things.

Motorcycle season is upon New Haven, know they are there

The weather has warmed up and the snow has melted away. That means that the motorcycles have been uncovered in garages across Connecticut, and riders are stretching their legs, donning their leather, putting on their helmets and hitting the road.

Texting while driving: an increasing problem for New Haven

Just recently the cell phone celebrated its 40th anniversary since the first mobile phone call was made back in 1973. The phone weighed 2.5 pounds and was extremely big and cumbersome in comparison to today's cell phones. Back then there was no such thing as texting and driving but in today's society it is alarming at how many people, including New Haven residents, use their cell phone while driving.

Car crosses center line, leaves 4 injured in Wallingford crash

When we get into our cars each day, we assume a certain responsibility to drive safely and to obey traffic laws. Unfortunately, no amount of diligence while driving can change how others choose to drive. Distractions like cellphones, loud passengers and trying to eat while driving can lead to a momentary loss of control that may result in a serious car accident. This may have been what happened in a recent Connecticut car accident that left four people injured.

Decade-long decline in teen accidents offset by recent fatalities

Many of us in Connecticut may know a teen driver who has gotten into an accident. It is no secret that lack of driving experience -- combined with other factors like cellphone use and distracting passengers -- can increase the likelihood of a collision for a teenager. In recent years, however, there has been a dramatic drop in the number of fatal teen accidents across the U.S.

Web surfing, distracted driving accidents on the rise

Surfing the Internet used to be an activity we did in the privacy of our own homes, like watching T.V. Logging into the Internet required logging in and remaining stationary. With the development of new portable technology, including smartphones and iPads, more Americans have access to the Internet while walking, at a restaurant, or in their vehicles.

Red decals may reduce accidents among teens

Teenage drivers are inexperienced and can be reckless or distracted behind the wheel. Legislators in Connecticut and nationwide have created licensing limitations for new drivers through graduated licensing programs intended to curb certain distractions and the potential for accidents. Nationwide, states have varied on the kinds of limitations placed on teen drivers, but New Jersey is the first to require red decals to signal to police officers that the driver is on a graduated licensing system.

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