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Woman's hysterectomy leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

When a person goes to see a doctor, he or she trusts that the right treatment will be provided. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Due to a doctor's negligence -- or the negligence of other medical staff -- the patient's condition is made worse. When this occurs, the patient and his or her family do have a right to seek compensation from those responsible.

Malpractice lawsuit brings outpatient clinic problems to light

The son of a 53-year-old man who died after a procedure in Trumbull, Connecticut, at the Surgery Center of Fairfield County has filed a lawsuit. The suit alleges that the outpatient clinic was negligent in the care of his father. In addition, malpractice and corporate negligence has been alleged.

Emergency room doctors ordering unnecessary tests, survey says

According to survey results published in Academic Emergency Medicine, 97 percent of emergency room doctors said they have ordered cat scans or MRIs in order to avoid medical malpractice lawsuits. The findings are the result of a survey of 435 ER doctors.

Professional football players donate their brains for research

As many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, might be aware, concussions and other traumatic brain injuries among professional athletes who play in the National Football League are issues that garnered a lot of attention last year. According to reports, as many as 111 players suffered concussions on the field during the 2014 NFL season. Even though this number is alarming enough, it is considerably lower than the 148 players who suffered concussions in the 2013 season.

Dealing with insurance issues after a spinal cord injury-Part II

After someone sustains a spinal cord injury, one of the most important issues he or she must deal with is insurance coverage because treatment and rehabilitation are just as expensive in Connecticut as they are in any other Northeastern state. A previous post on this blog discussed the basic steps spinal cord injury victims and their families can take to maximize their chances of insurance compensation.

A Connecticut lawyer can help obtain damages in birth injury

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, will agree that birth injuries may be among the saddest things that can happen to parents. Most birth injuries are caused due to negligence of healthcare staff and they can happen during labor and delivery of a child. Several factors, including oxygen deprivation to a baby's brain, wrong medication and untrained healthcare staff, may contribute to a birth injury.

Dealing with insurance issues after a spinal cord injury-Part I

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, would agree that treatment and rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury can cause financial challenges for the spinal cord injury victim, as well as for the victim's family. To address those problems, most victims and their families rely on insurance coverage. However, negotiating an adequate claim with the insurance company is often difficult because, for insurance companies, a lesser payout means greater profits, which can be even more difficult for victims and their families.

Helping spinal cord injury victims obtain compensation

Whether they like to think about it or not, every Connecticut resident can be injured in an accident at virtually any time. Although an accident may not result in a serious injury or death, a handful out of every few thousand do leave people handicapped for years and sometimes for life. Not every spinal cord injury results in paraplegia or quadriplegia, but many do result in permanent disability. The results are usually huge medical expenses and lost income. Both the physical and financial losses can affect victims and their families for years, creating emotional distress for every family member.

Providing legal help after a Connecticut car accident

Connecticut residents who have been through them will say that injury car accidents wreak havoc in people's lives. The difficulties victims and family members face are innumerable. Physical pain and suffering are just the start. Too often financial pain sets in as medical costs and lost wages bring a family close to financial ruin. The situation can be even worse for people who lose loved ones. Fortunately, Connecticut law allows victims and surviving family members to seek monetary compensation.

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