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Are men or women better drivers? Depends on your definition.

Mile for mile, women crash more often but men cause more mayhem.
It's an old debate, peppered by sexist assumptions and selective anecdotes. Women are bad drivers - that ditzy lady almost caused a wreck. Men are bad drivers - that macho maniac almost ran me over.

Tackling road rage-the worst form of aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is a common problem across the United States, including Connecticut. Unfortunately, the worst form of aggressive driving-road rage-is too common and has too many negative consequences, including accidents that injure and killed, that it cannot be ignored by legislators and law enforcement authorities. For this reason, Connecticut stresses how both newer and older more experienced drivers can avoid it.

Representing car accident victims in Connecticut

Let's face it, every time a Connecticut driver gets behind the wheel, he or she is in danger of getting into a car accident. While the vast majority of car accidents in the state are nothing more than harmless fender benders that everyone walks away from, some can result in catastrophic injuries. Whenever an injury results from a car accident, injured parties should investigate every element of the collision to determine who is at fault.

Five injured in early morning two-car crash on I-91

As most Connecticut residents can imagine, seeing a loved one severely injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle is among the worst traumas a family can endure. When the facts of an accident show that a negligent driver was responsible, many of those injured may be understandably angry. Fortunately, some instances of negligence are punishable criminal offenses, and almost all instances of negligence can lead to civil litigation.

Providing legal help after a Connecticut car accident

Connecticut residents who have been through them will say that injury car accidents wreak havoc in people's lives. The difficulties victims and family members face are innumerable. Physical pain and suffering are just the start. Too often financial pain sets in as medical costs and lost wages bring a family close to financial ruin. The situation can be even worse for people who lose loved ones. Fortunately, Connecticut law allows victims and surviving family members to seek monetary compensation.

Seasoned car accident attorneys understand the right processes

Car accidents can cause immense pain and suffering to a Connecticut victim and his or her family. Although departments of transportation and police conduct road awareness safety campaigns, it seems car accidents cannot be averted. If you are in a car accident, you need to talk to a reliable and seasoned attorney who can lay out the options available to seek justice and compensation.

Pedestrian heading to work struck, killed by car in Connecticut

Car accidents on Connecticut roads are not uncommon, just as they are common in other parts of the United States. While some of those accidents only result in injuries, there are a significant number of car crashes that result in fatalities. Whatever the result of an accident, a car accident victim, as well as the victim's family members, have to face a number of emotional and financial difficulties. In the event of a fatal accident, the problems are numerous.

Fatal accidents cost Connecticut a staggering $263 million

A recent study in Connecticut has shown that there has been a sharp rise in the cost of deaths from car accidents. Although the state police and transportation departments conduct road safety campaigns regularly, there has been no reduction in the number of accidents.

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