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Posts tagged "auto accident"

Driver strikes, injures university student in Connecticut

An auto accident not only causes physical pain and suffering to a victim injured in the crash but also gives rise to a fresh set of challenges related to work, education, and in some cases, even normal day-to-day activities. While a worker can lose wages due to absences from work, a student may miss important lectures or miss submission deadlines severely affecting grades and in the process, the future prospects of that student.

Hartford man injured in Farmington car collision still serious

The trauma of an auto accident is probably familiar to most New Haven, Connecticut residents, although possibly not through first-hand experience. No matter what the circumstances of the car crash, the first concern is for the physical well-being of the drivers, given that fatalities are highly likely. Even non-fatal accidents can have long-term injuries to the drivers and passengers involved. The emotional suffering of relatives and loved ones can also be considerable, especially if the accident is a result of negligence. When an accident results in legal wrangling over liability, such suffering can be pronounced as well as prolonged.

Connecticut teacher hit by car still critical

A parent had just dropped off children at the local middle school and was attempting to leave when the driver somehow found his or her way into the area that is designated for bus drop-offs. Since buses were coming in at the time, the parent tried to get out of the way, throwing the car into reverse and attempting to back out and leave the school.

Legalizing marijuana use might increase car accidents in the U.S.

Legalization of marijuana is a hot topic of debate in several states considering such a proposal. While some pro-marijuana advocates stress that legalizing marijuana could be good for the U.S. economy, the negative impact of marijuana legalization remains a concern. Besides addiction and health complications, making marijuana legal could contribute to more fatal car accidents throughout the United States, including in New Haven, Connecticut.

Smartphones and driving make for bad mix on roads

Citizens of Connecticut are right to think that smartphones have changed the way we live. In fact, most people have a hard time putting their phones down even when a lapse in attention can be costly-such as when behind the wheel.

Another man dies in car accident near New Haven

All states have their fair share of accident-prone areas. Connecticut's roads are no exception and have been the scene of some horrid car accidents. In many cases, however, these accidents are caused not by dangerous road conditions but by negligent drivers.

Connecticut teen driving regulations questioned after fatality

Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage and an exciting time for a teenager. Most teens cannot wait to get their driver's licenses. It is important, though, to remind teenagers that parental rules and the Connecticut driving laws are only meant to keep them safe. Yet auto accidents involving teens are happening often, even though Connecticut has some of the toughest teen driving rules in the country.

Criminal charges follow fatal drunk driving accident

For Connecticut drivers, there are few prospects more frightening than encountering a drunk driver while out on the roads. Impaired drivers cause a multitude of serious auto accidents in any given year, and many Connecticut residents lose their lives as a result of the poor choices of another driver. Two families may be able to move closer to a sense of closure with the news that the man who caused a fatal drunk driving accident will face criminal charges in the matter.

Elderly more prone to pedestrian-car accidents in Connecticut

Many New Haven, Connecticut, readers already know that the elderly are more prone to limited hearing and poor eye sight, making them more likely to be hit by a motor vehicle. Last year, a 93-year-old man was killed in a pedestrian-auto accident. The incident happened near New Haven while the older resident was crossing the road.

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