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Posts tagged "Drunk driver"

Connecticut governor signs toughened law against drunk driving

We all know that drunk driving is against the law, but for some reason there are still many people in Connecticut who do it repeatedly. In effort to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads, lawmakers passed a law last year that requires even first-time drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices on their vehicles.

Connecticut lawmakers approve ignition interlock bill

Connecticut lawmakers hope that a new bill will reduce the number of drunk driving accidents in the state by requiring even first-time offenders to install ignition interlock devices on their primary vehicles.

Alleged drunk driver in fatal car crash faces additional charges

All motorists in New Haven, Connecticut, should observe traffic rules and exercise care when driving. Although driving sober is risky enough, other drivers fail to recognize the risks of driving under the influence.

Alleged impaired driver causes car accident in Connecticut

Drunk or drugged driving is a serious offense in Connecticut that can result in criminal and civil liabilities. Many New Haven drivers know that drunk driving increases the likelihood of an accident because alcohol affects a driver's focus and reaction time to a precarious road situation.

Connecticut drunk driving accident causes lasting injuries

Everyone is aware of the potential consequences of a car accident. Those involved can be killed or seriously injured resulting in a lengthy hospital stay. However, many people are not as aware that the recovery from such an accident doesn't end with a patient's release from the hospital but can last for years afterward. One young man in Connecticut claims that he still has pain from a drunk driving accident that happened almost three years ago.

Connecticut woman charged in alleged drunk driving accident

While most people are aware of their mortality, they do not fully realize that even the most commonplace of activities could lead to serious injury or death. For example, even a simple walk to the store could unexpectedly be one's last moment. The chance of a tragic end seems to be higher when there are drunk drivers on the road. In a similar incident, one Connecticut woman now faces criminal charges after an alleged drunk driving accident that resulted in a fatality.

Connecticut teens arrested after allowing girl to drive drunk

Last summer, two 17-year-old boys from Connecticut let a very drunk 17-year-old girl get behind the wheel of a car. She crashed the car into a tree just a half-mile later and died before emergency workers could reach her. Investigators determined that the boys knew that the girl was drunk and did not do anything about it. Alcohol can deaden a person's senses, affecting judgment and reaction time. As a result, someone who is driving while intoxicated is much more likely to get into a collision than other drivers.

Connecticut man arrested after crash, fight

Around holiday time, people are running around and the stress of this time of year percolates. Connecticut residents are in full swing of holiday shopping, but everyone must be careful driving on the roads. No matter how busy or hurried you are, obeying the speed limit and stop signs are things that will keep you safe not only during the holidays, but every day.

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