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Treating your dog bite injury

When a Connecticut resident is attacked by a dog, the bite injuries can raise many health concerns. Regardless of the severity of the attack, there are certain steps to take in order to ensure that the damage is not lasting and has a relatively small impact on a victim's overall health.

What are the signs of rabies infection in dogs?

A bite from an unvaccinated dog in Connecticut can put you at risk for contracting rabies. Should this occur, your chances of survival are slim to none. Fortunately, post-bite rabies vaccination is extremely effective at preventing the disease. Nevertheless, it is preferable not to receive a bite in the first place. Recognizing the signs that a dog might be infectious can help you to minimize the risk. 

Dog breeds and aggressiveness

Many people in Connecticut have dogs as pets and find their companionship to be a very positive part of their lives. Many dog owners consider the animals almost more like family members than pets in some situations. However, this does not negate the reality that dogs can be a danger to humans. Some of this might be more likely given the breed of the dog but there is also the owner responsibility factor to consider as well.

Who pays for injury damages from dog bites?

By successfully navigating the dog-bite laws in Connecticut, you may be able to secure compensation for medical damages you incur from an animal attack. However, you would probably have to establish in some way that the owner was responsible for the dog's vicious action.

Are pit bulls a more dangerous breed?

Pit bulls are notorious for their aggressive behavior, which some claim makes them unsuitable as pets. But how accurate is this view, and are pit bulls more likely to lash out at humans and other animals than other breeds of dog? The following information sheds some light on this controversial topic.

What should I do if I get bitten by a dog?

Being attacked by a dog is a scary experience. Every year, there are dog bite victims in Connecticut. Some may suffer minor injuries, and others may experience severe injuries that have a lifelong effect on them. Regardless of the severity of the injury, when a dog bites you, it is essential to seek the proper medical care to prevent the bite from becoming a serious health issue.

Determining who is liable in a dog attack

Because dogs are often kept as pets, they can be a part of many people's lives, even if that person isn't a dog owner themselves. Unfortunately, the high number of dogs means that dog-related attacks can happen anywhere, at any time. Here are a few important things to know about dog bite injuries.

3-year-old attacked by family member's pit bull

Pit bulls are notoriously dangerous breeds and continue to raise concerns among policymakers, dog owners, parents and others who are exposed. A 3-year-old girl in New York was severely bitten in the face by her relative's pit bull last week. The girl suffered very severe injuries, including lacerations and other facial damage. The dog has been taken into custody by animal control.

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