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Connecticut's tough distracted driving laws could get tougher

The Governors Highway Safety Association is using the state of Connecticut's laws against texting while driving as a model for other states to follow in combating distracted driving.

What to do after a car accident in Connecticut (1 of 2)

We have all been driving down the road and seen damaged vehicles on the shoulder with distraught drivers standing nearby. However, the truth is that many of us have no idea what to do or what not to do in this situation.

Connecticut police launch 'Click it or Ticket' campaign

Connecticut law enforcement has joined a nationwide effort to encourage motorists to wear their seatbelts. The well-established "Click it or Ticket" campaign will be in full force from now until June 1 and could result in an expensive fine for Connecticut motorists who are caught unbuckled.

Ped and bicycle accidents will continue even with new law

Last week, we discussed a Connecticut bill that will likely soon become law after the governor grants its final approval. The bill increases the penalties for motor vehicle drivers who seriously injure or kill "vulnerable users" on the state's roads, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

Intersection crash hospitalizes 1 driver with serious injuries

It's sometimes difficult to obtain the details of an accident until after the investigation is completed by authorities and a final report issued. Of course sometimes official versions are wrong or contain inaccuracies, so that an injured party will want to obtain an independent investigation if there are serious injuries and litigation may develop. An accident occurred in Connecticut recently in which sparse initial reports make it difficult to determine fault.

Connecticut man dies in fatal motorcycle accident

As the temperature warms up, people are opting to ride their motorcycles in the beautiful weather. But with more bikers on the road, more caution may be necessary. Motorcycles are a fun and enjoyable way to get around, but with much less protection than enclosed vehicles, they can be very dangerous when drivers are not paying full attention. A fatal motorcycle accident occurred on a recent afternoon in Hartford, Connecticut when a motorcyclist collided with the side of a taxi.

Motorcyclist dies from severe injuries after collision with car

When a car and motorcycle are approaching each other and end up in a collision, the motorcycle will almost always get the worst of it. Unfortunately for a 25-year-old Connecticut man who was recently operating his motorcycle in New Haven, that statistic proved true. The man died of severe injuries from a collision, opening the possibility of a wrongful death claim against the car's driver.

Connecticut hit-and-run car crash critically injures niece, aunt

The life of a 6-year-old Connecticut girl hangs in the balance after a recent pedestrian accident in Bridgeport. It is the second occasion inside of a month where a young child has been the victim of a hit-and-run car crash on city streets. The latest incident occurred on Memorial Day as the girl and her 60-year-old aunt were in the process of walking across Washington Avenue at night. An SUV described as light colored reportedly struck both and took off. Police are working on leads to find the driver and have asked for the public to continue to help.

Truck drivers can be victims of Connecticut trucking accidents

Usually, when one thinks of people being injured in trucking accidents, one rarely thinks of the victims being the truck drivers. However, drivers of commercial vehicles do not always escape from accidents unscathed. An accident that occurred in Connecticut in early Dec. 2012 is a very good example of just how dangerous trucking accidents can be for the truck drivers themselves.

Connecticut wrong way fatal accident on I-84: 1 dead, 1 critical

There is perhaps nothing quite as frightening as a wrong way car crash. Many of them seem to occur on highways in the early morning hours, in Connecticut and elsewhere. Two drivers meet in a head on collision, and one of them is typically headed the wrong way on an Interstate or other roadway. Just such a fatal accident occurred recently in West Hartford on Interstate 84.

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