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Mother files birth injury lawsuit against doctor

At times, Connecticut residents would probably agree that childbirth can be a very risky experience for both the child and the mother. Medical advances have significantly reduced birth injuries in the United States, thanks to the professionalism of doctors and nurses. However, there are instances when a trained medical professional fails to do the job properly, and the result is that the child experiences long-term damages.

New Haven birth injury lawyers can help aggrieved parents

The birth of a child is one of the most miraculous events of one's life. However in many cases, doctors or medical practitioners may hinder the joy of childbirth with their negligence. Birth injuries may render a child with prolonged chronic illness. The attorneys at Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C. have helped many families win birth injury lawsuits.

Some important information about cerebral palsy

Any injury that an infant suffers during birth may be referred to as a birth injury. An infant may suffer or acquire such injuries at any stage of the birthing process including during delivery by medical practitioners. If a child suffers injury during birth, medical negligence could be the cause.

Who can be held responsible for a birth injury?

Injury at birth can plague a child forever. Therefore, immense care needs to be taken to ensure that a child is not injured either before or during the birthing process. Unfortunately, every now and then an infant is injured and that injury may have long-term consequences for that child and his or her parents. Connecticut laws permit an infant's parents to seek legal recourse if their child is injured at the time of birth due to someone's negligence.

ACOG and AAP guidelines to prevent neonatal encephalopathy

Connecticut residents understand that an injury at the time of birth can have serious consequences for the rest of the child and parents' life. A number of measures are in place to prevent such injuries but in spite of that, birth injuries continue to occur and can harm the brain of a child even before birth. In order to address this concern, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a set of guidelines in 2014 that urge doctors to investigate every possible factor that may contribute to an infant's brain injury at the time of birth.

Can a doctor be responsible for a child born with Erb's Palsy?

As residents of New Haven, Connecticut, no doubt know, the process of childbirth can be extremely painful and highly complicated. Despite the utmost care demonstrated by doctors and nurses, both the mother and child can be at risk. Parents expect that the physicians in charge of deliveries are extremely careful and do their utmost to ensure the best of care. But there is still a chance that the doctor's actions can cause grievous damage to both the baby and the mother.

Mothers of birth injury victims join educational movement

Birth trauma is defined as any injury that an infant suffers during labor or delivery. It may be caused by trauma suffered during a difficult delivery of a baby. It may also be an injury that is caused by post-obstetric manipulation of the fetus, used to ease the delivery process.

New guidelines aim to curb brain-related birth injuries

Many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, know that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. That is the reason why many expectant parents choose to give birth under the supervision of medical professionals. Unfortunately, childbirth poses many risks to the well-being of the child and the mother.

Medical malpractice lawsuit seeks $1.9 million after baby dies

Having a child is one of the most cherished wishes for many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, and when they do, the expectant parents rely on hospitals and doctors to provide quality natal care. Unfortunately, some medical service providers fall short of these expectations.

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