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Brain Injury Archives

Mild TBI may go undetected; cause disorders

A large number of people suffer accidental injuries every year in Connecticut. Among all types of injuries, brain injury is regarded as the most serious injury. In several cases, mild brain injury goes unnoticed and produces severe consequences at a later stage.

Brain injury study debunks potential treatment; researchers disappointed

A hotly anticipated study into a possible remedy for traumatic brain injury has turned up nothing, leaving some of the country's most prominent brain experts bitterly disappointed.

Fish oil may help patients of traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can severely reduce capacity, affect mood, cause depression, alter personalities, impact memory and cause a range of other symptoms related to brain function. A recent report indicates that the use of fish oil may help to improve recovery for patients of traumatic brain injury in Connecticut and nationwide.

Progesterone treatments bring hope to brain injury victims

Victims of traumatic brain injury are often left hopeless given their prognosis. Consequences, including mental and physical impairments, can be severe and lasting. For many families, it is difficult to know where to turn or how to adapt to life with a physical or mental disability. Now, victims of brain injury caused by car accidents, falls or other trauma may find hope in a hormonal brain injury remedy.

Connecticut driver speeds off with victim attached to fender

After an accident, it is not uncommon for drivers to panic. Many are in shock, but most have the decency and wherewithal to make sure that other victims are okay. In a case that has already made national headlines, a Connecticut man was accused of fleeing a hit-and-run accident with the victim still attached to his fender and fighting to free herself. He now faces criminal charges.

NYC woman awarded $120 million for brain-damage

When seeking treatment from a hospital, you always expect that your needs will be met in accordance with professional standards of practice. Unfortunately, deviations from these standards of care can result in serious injury, including incapacitation and permanent injury. A New York City woman was recently awarded $120 million for brain-damage she suffered as a result of mismanaged hospital care and medical malpractice.

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