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Brain Injury Archives

Brain injury may stem from singer Miguel's stage leap

Many Musicians are well known for their accomplishments and some for their infamous acts, others for both. Recently, a relatively new artist to the music industry will likely regret a stage performance for the rest of his life. Many New Haven residents may be familiar with the singer Miguel and his embarrassing performance at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back. His song was going well until the musician attempted to jump over some fans to reach another side of the stage.

Brain injuries becoming a silent epidemic

One of the most vital organs in the human body is the brain. Many New Haven residents know that without it, humanity would be extinct. Anytime the brain suffers an injury, the results can be devastating. Traumatic brain injury victims have often suffered for the mistakes of others. Whether they result from being hit by a drunk driver or a medical malpractice disaster, brain injuries are becoming a silent epidemic.

Recent study reveals shocking side effect of brain injuries

One of the most serious injuries a New Haven resident can sustain is a brain injury. With more than 3 million Americans nationwide suffering from traumatic brain injury, there are many who have to live with side effects for the rest of their lives. While no two brain injuries are the same, researchers have found a common side effect from which more than half of brain injury victims suffer.

Former football players sue NFL for brain injuries

Many New Haven residents are familiar with the National Football League and many of its players. For millions of Americans, football is the ultimate sport to watch and play. Sunday fans from across the nation tune in to watch their favorite teams battle it out for the win. But what most people do not realize is the high rates of injury that most of the players will experience in their lifetimes. In fact, playing football has caused several players to suffer massive brain injuries from years of playing.

Bullying causes teen to suffer brain injury

Every year over 1.7 million Americans will suffer from a traumatic brain injury. TBI is one of the worst injuries to sustain. Many New Haven residents know how crucial the brain is to the human body. Without it we would cease to function. Injury to the brain can cause some serious life-long injuries as well as death in many cases. The majority of these injuries are from car accidents or slips and falls but every now and then, foul play can be blamed for TBI. Recently a teen suffered a brain injury after several bullies repeatedly threw footballs at his head while school officials allegedly did nothing to prevent it.

March marks brain injury awareness month

Just about every New Haven resident is familiar with Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison. All of them were great geniuses and made drastic contributions to our world. What all of them had in common was a healthy brain. One can image what would have happen if Einstein had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The theory of relativity may have just been an enigmatic equation yet to be discovered.

Fight in New Haven diner leaves one person in serious condition

From arguments over girls to spilt beer, every bar owner has probably seen at least one or two fist fights in their life. While such a common occurrence may not seem like a big deal, serious injuries are often the result. One New Haven man remains in serious conditions after receiving a life-threatening head injury as a result of a fist fight.

Water-tubing may cause traumatic brain injury

The brain is the most vital organ of the body; the body cannot function without it. A traumatic brain injury can lead to paralysis, permanent disability or even death of the victim. Although the terms "traumatic brain injury" and "head injury" are used interchangeably, head injury is a broader term, which encompasses other injuries like skull fracture and scalp damage.

Traumatic brain injury: Big contributor of injury-related deaths

Connecticut residents might be aware of the fact that brain damage is a major cause of deaths from accidents. There are all kinds of accidents, some more serious than others, but if a victim sustains traumatic brain injury, the outcomes may be devastating. Sometimes, although a victim may survive, such an injury may result in prolonged or permanent disability, making the victim's life difficult.

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