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Brain Injury Archives

Traumatic brain injury does not hinder couple's love

A permanent disability that a New Haven, Connecticut resident or a person in any of the other states must endure can impede many things, including a budding romantic relationship. However, for one couple, the disability actually helped them to become closer.

Connecticut residents become more aware of brain injury

Since 2010, Connecticut residents have become more aware of the long-term effects of head trauma. Until just a few years ago, not many people would bother to make sure young athletes were examined after suffering blows to the head. Today, teachers and residents alike are aware of the negative effects of concussions and even minor head trauma that can lead to a brain injury.

The danger of repeat concussions -- traumatic brain injury

The brain is an important organ in the human body. An injury involving the brain can greatly affect a person. Symptoms of a brain injury may appear instantly following an accident in some cases. In other cases, the symptoms are delayed. It all depends on the condition of the patient. Head injuries can lead to a coma, permanent disability and amnesia. Brain injury patients may need long-term care and a series of therapies and rehabilitation, which can give a person back a normal life.

Wife sues grocery store after husband sustains brain injury

With just a small force, a hit on the head can sometimes result in a brain injury. Mostly sustained by vehicular accident victims, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often associated with various disabilities ranging from coma to paralysis. Many TBI victims in New Haven, Connecticut, suffer tremendously if they are injured in that way.

$1M Army grant for traumatic brain injury drug research

The roads in New Haven, Connecticut, have their fair share of vehicular accidents, many of which stem from negligence. Due to the severity of some of these accidents, some victims have sustained traumatic brain injuries. For people who might not know, traumatic brain injury is a very serious illness. As the brain is a very important organ, this medical condition is often associated with coma, paralysis and permanent disabilities that may drastically reduce the quality of a person's life.

Research aimed at improving the lives of children with TBI

Because of negligent drivers on the roadways in New Haven, Connecticut, many residents have become victims of vehicular accidents in recent years. Those victims sustained injuries ranging from torn limbs to traumatic brain injury. The worst thing is that there are a large number of children who suffer from brain injuries. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has considered TBI a leading cause of disability and death among U.S children.

Brain injuries in sports, motor-vehicle crashes and falls

Brain injuries may be caused by a collision or trauma to the head, which disrupts the normal function of the brain. A hit on the head is common in contact sports, such as football. Due to this, the National Football League is facing scrutiny regarding lawsuits in connection with brain damage.

Hundai must pay $14 million due to brain injury lawsuit

Automobile companies such as Hyundai are popular in America, including for those consumers in New Haven, Connecticut. However, what comes with success is the obligation of the company to produce safe motor vehicles. Product hazards that may cause injury or death to consumers can be the liability of manufacturers, particularly if the victim has suffered a brain injury.

Connecticut restaurant found liable in stabbing attack

A New Haven restaurant was recently found liable for its part in an assault on its premises in October 2010 that led to a 45-year-old New Hampshire man's stabbing. The victim, who sustained permanent brain injury as a result of blood loss, filed suit against both his 47-year-old attacker and the restaurant where the attack took place.

Study: "Heading" in soccer may lead to brain injuries

The brain is one of the most fragile and vital organs in the human body. When the brain is defective or suffers a serious injury, consequences can be detrimental and in many cases, irreversible. With over 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries a year in America, many New Haven residents have gone great lengths to protect their brains. Whether it is wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle or avoiding dangerous situations, there are many ways to help prevent or reduce a chance of suffering a brain injury.

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