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Medical error prosecution: helpful or harmful?

When it comes to patient safety, most people in Connecticut might agree that every patient deserves to receive the highest quality of medical care possible. People also recognize that medical professionals are human beings which makes them naturally prone to making mistakes. When a doctor, nurse or other health care professional does make an error, it is reasonable for the patient or their family members to investigate their compensation and justice options.

Maternal mortality rates on the rise across America

When you get set to give birth in Connecticut, you might have concerns about whether you and your baby will experience an easy, healthy delivery, and it might surprise you to know that maternal mortality rates are on the rise across the nation. It may, too, surprise you to learn that your race ultimately plays a role in the likelihood of you dying during childbirth, or within one year of childbirth, and that women of some races face higher risks than others. At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C. we recognize that the majority of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable, and we have helped many people who suffered hardship or lost loved ones due to pregnancy or childbirth pursue appropriate recourse in the aftermath.

Medical errors the nation’s third-most common cause of death

When you have an ache or a pain, you probably book an appointment with a Connecticut physician while feeling confident he or she will tell you what is ailing you and what you can do to fix it. Regrettably, however, doctors are only human, and they, like everyone, are prone to making mistakes. At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C., we recognize that the stakes are high when doctors make errors, and we have helped many clients who suffered injury or illness due to a physician’s negligence seek appropriate recourse.

Surgical instruments may get left behind

People who enter the operating room entrust their lives in the hands of licensed medical professionals. There are situations, however, where these trusted surgeons and technicians make mistakes, which could lead to infections, permanent injuries and even death. Unfortunately, these situations occur more often than some may think. According to a study conducted by John Hopkins University, more than 4,000 people a year are victims of surgical negligence.

Misdiagnosis: A common occurrence?

Millions of people in Connecticut and across the United States put their trust in the medical professionals who take care of them in emergency rooms and in outpatient settings. When people are sick or have suffered an injury, they rely on physicians, surgeons and nurses to use their medical expertise to diagnose their problem and customize a treatment plan. People may be surprised to learn, however, that medical professionals make mistakes, and may fail to diagnose an ailment or could provide the wrong diagnosis altogether.

Are stem cell clinics offering "sketchy" solutions?

Recently, 570 stem cell clinics have popped up across the U.S. offering treatments for many health issues. From arthritis to spinal cord injuries to autism, the clinics are claiming stem cells from various body tissues can solve your health problems.

Another study finds medical errors in top 3 causes of death

A professor from Johns Hopkins medical school has authored a new study showing that medical errors accounts for the deaths of around 250,000 people each year. This puts medical errors as the country's third leading cause of death.

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