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Identifying and addressing the symptoms of a concussion-Part I

Many people in New Haven, Connecticut, know about concussions. While in many cases, concussions are not life-threatening; however, as with other traumatic brain injuries, the effects of a concussion can still be very serious. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, concussions are defined as a type of traumatic brain injury that impedes the way in which the brain functions. Concussions are generally caused by a head injury or a jolt to the brain.

Ignoring head injury can be a big mistake

Concussion-related news has been garnering substantial media attention as sports power houses such as the NFL and the NCAA are paying out hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits over player concussions, as recent examples show. It is evident that concussions are in fact serious injuries with long-term effects and should not be taken lightly.

Daily conversations help fight effects of brain injury

Most New Haven, Connecticut, residents know that a head injury can be damaging in a number of ways. Despite seeming to be a bony, well-protected part of the body, the skull and the brain inside are as prone to injury as, for instance, any of the joints. Often, brain damage is hardly, if at all, visible. A brain injury can cause anything from mild disorientation to a permanent disability. Detecting such injuries can also be problematic since they can be caused by mild impact and not just major collisions.

Traumatic brain injury a leading cause of death in the U.S.

Statistics indicate that New Haven, Connecticut, records the largest number of motor vehicle fatalities in the state. Combined with the fact that motor vehicle crashes are found to be one of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury related deaths, the New Haven area may possibly lead the state in these types of injuries as well.

Helmets do little to protect players against brain injury

Many safety experts recommend the use of helmets to protect a person's head from injuries. In the middle of the heated topic of football-related brain injuries, a recent study revealed disturbing information regarding football helmets. This study may interest New Haven, Connecticut, parents with children who are playing youth, high school or college football.

Former NHL players sue league over lack of brain injury notice

According to the Los Angeles Times, the National Hockey League is being sued by NHL players who contend the NHL didn't notify them about the dangerous effects of multiple head injuries. Those associated with the sport know ice hockey is known for its on-ice fights and testosterone-filled intensity. Despite the skepticism expressed over the lawsuit, multiple brain injury is definitely a serious matter.

Connecticut residents become more aware of brain injury

Since 2010, Connecticut residents have become more aware of the long-term effects of head trauma. Until just a few years ago, not many people would bother to make sure young athletes were examined after suffering blows to the head. Today, teachers and residents alike are aware of the negative effects of concussions and even minor head trauma that can lead to a brain injury.

Brain injury may stem from singer Miguel's stage leap

Many Musicians are well known for their accomplishments and some for their infamous acts, others for both. Recently, a relatively new artist to the music industry will likely regret a stage performance for the rest of his life. Many New Haven residents may be familiar with the singer Miguel and his embarrassing performance at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back. His song was going well until the musician attempted to jump over some fans to reach another side of the stage.

Two officers injured in accident after teen flees police

Police officers on the job are always at risk of accidents and injury. After an car collision that occurred the day after Christmas, a veteran cop and his partner were taken to urgent care. According to reports, their car was slammed by a teenage driver. One of the officers had just returned to work after suffering injuries when he fell through a skylight while pursuing burglars. Both officers endured severe head, neck and back injuries in the car accident.

Waterford faces lawsuit for employee car accident

When an employee of a corporation or a government agency acts negligently or recklessly and causes injury, it can be held civilly liable. The Town of Waterford is facing a lawsuit after an employee for the Waterford Utility Commission was operating a town vehicle ran a red light and hit another woman's vehicle, causing serious and permanent injuries.

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