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Brain injury law aims to improve education, create database

Brain injury is a potentially devastating predicament, especially in children. It often develops in the form of a minor or serious concussion and can be dangerous, particularly if it goes untreated or is ignored.

Are there benefits for brain injury victims in Connecticut?

Brain injury patients in Connecticut may receive financial help after suffering a brain trauma if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Brain trauma patients may be obtain financial help from several different federal programs designed solely for this purpose. These include Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income.

Federal grant offers Connecticut brain injury victims relief

As New Haven, Connecticut residents likely know, injuries suffered in an accident are always a cause for concern. Depending on the nature of the accident, some injuries may take a long time to heal, and in some cases the injuries can result in a permanent disability. If an accident victim suffers some kind of a blow to the head, there is danger of brain trauma that can negatively affect many of the victim's abilities, including the ability to talk or even move. Regardless of their nature, brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose and expensive to treat, putting a lot of people in a very precarious position.

Hospital testing new medication for brain trauma cases

It is perhaps known to all New Haven, Connecticut, residents that the most sensitive area of the human body is the uppermost part of the body, from the neck to the skull. Injuries to this region are not easy to diagnose, with many people continuing to suffer for a long time without the damage being detected, or some people even losing their lives from the inability or failure to diagnose and properly treat the injury. As per an estimate, head injuries are the biggest reason for the deaths of people aged 40 and under.

Childhood CT scans to search for symptoms avoidable

Seeing children get injured in an accident is a horrific experience, as anyone in New Haven, Connecticut, would agree. Children are often unable to describe their injuries, making diagnosis difficult and requiring doctors to take all measures available at their disposal to determine the severity of the child's injuries. This is especially true of a brain injury, where the damage is often internal and not immediately obvious.

Brain injury can affect children's social skills and health

The brain is that all important part of the human body that helps process most of its normal physical functions. However, residents of New Haven, Connecticut, should be concerned about a new study that suggests that there could be a link between brain damage and poor social skills in children.

Brain Injury Awareness Month to inform public of TBI dangers

March's designation as Brain Injury Awareness Month is meant to inform the public about brain injury as one of the leading causes of disability and death across the United States, including in Connecticut.

Jury awards $11.3 million in birth brain injury lawsuit

Many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, rely on the expertise of doctors and medical staff during emergencies. Unfortunately, when medical professionals fail to address the medical needs of their patients promptly, they put their health at risk.

Dye called "brilliant blue G" could aid brain injury recovery

The number of people suffering from traumatic brain injury each year continues to rise, fueling the motivation and dedication of many New Haven, Connecticut doctors to treat brain injury. A recent announcement outlined a new treatment method, which might improve recovery time for a traumatic brain injury.

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