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Connecticut car crash kills 2, injures 1

People speed down the streets and highways of Connecticut much too often. Excessive speed not only lessens the amount of reaction time but also decreases the ability to control the motor vehicle and increases the chance for fatalities.

Connecticut car crash results in woman's hospitalization

Over the past few weeks, parts of the country have been slammed with winter storms. As a result, thousands of people have been working feverishly to keep the roadways clear. Unfortunately, the weather and large vehicles with snow plows have the potential of causing serious injuries to pedestrians. For example, a recent car crash in Connecticut sent a woman to the hospital with serious injuries.

Connecticut car crash could result in wrongful death case

Roadways are not just for motor vehicles. The roads are frequently shared with cyclists and pedestrians. No matter the mode of transportation, everyone must strive to ensure the safety of others. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death, such as in a recent incident in Connecticut. A car crash took the life of a pedestrian.

1 killed, 2 seriously injured in Connecticut car crash

Many drivers strive to maintain everyone's safety on the roadways. They follow all the speed limits and traffic signals, refuse to talk on the cell phone and ignore other driving distractions. Unfortunately, despite personal attempts to maintain safety, the actions of others are sometimes unavoidable. For example, two people injured in a Connecticut car crash were likely unable to avoid the serious accident.

Connecticut car crash causes serious injury to 3

The highways and interstates in this country allow people to efficiently travel from place to place. As a result of the amount of traffic, the roadways are in need of regular maintenance. Workers often employ several different methods of warning drivers that construction or maintenance is being completed. However, Connecticut police claim that one man missed the warnings that work was being completed, causing a car crash that seriously injured three people.

Car crash in Connecticut could result in wrongful death case

The death of a loved one often leads to emotional consequences that are far-reaching. When the death comes as a result of an unexpected car crash, the shock has the potential of making the emotional recovering even more difficult. Additionally, there are financial consequences as well. For those who have experienced the death of a loved one due to someone else's negligence, filing a wrongful death case in a civil court may be an option. The family of car crash victims in Connecticut may be considering that option.

Car crash in Connecticut leads to serious injury

Advances in technology over the last 100 years have revolutionized the automobile industry. Such changes now allow people to travel longer distances more safely and in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately, although driver and passenger safety has increased significantly, traveling by automobile is not completely without risk. Sometimes even the safest of drivers can fall victim to another person's alleged negligence. For example, a recent car crash in Connecticut has sent two people to the hospital.

Car crash in Connecticut seriously injures 2 pedestrians

Sidewalks are a wonderful way for cities to keep their pedestrians safe. Most people walking on one feel relatively safe from becoming involved in a car crash despite the traffic that may be going by. However, an unfortunate accident in Connecticut has left two female pedestrians with serious injuries after being struck by a car.

1 woman dead following car crash in Connecticut

A 42-year-old Hartford resident is dead following a crash on I-84, according to law enforcement officials. Connecticut police responded to the car crash late in the evening of Nov. 28, and are still investigating exactly what caused the crash. They have asked that anyone with information please contact local authorities.

Car crash in Connecticut leaves 1 dead

An unidentified 40-year-old man is dead following a collision involving a dump truck, according to local law enforcement authorities. The fatal car crash closed down the Connecticut highway where it took place for several hours on Nov. 28. Police are still trying to determine how the crash happened, and have yet to file any charges in association with the case.

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