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Your Advocate After An Injury

For over 30 years, our firm has helped people who have been injured by the negligence of others.

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Effective And Successful Car Accident Attorneys in Connecticut

We all like to think we are essentially in control while driving. In fact, many people who have driven for decades and never were in an accident feel that their track record is a reflection of their driving skills.

They’re right, to a degree. At no time, though, can a driver control what happens when a careless driver hits him or her from behind. Those who experience rear-end crashes are among the truest victims of others’ carelessness. At Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C, we have been privileged to provide high-quality legal assistance to dozens of rear-end crash victims.

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The law is essentially not lenient to drivers who hit other vehicles from behind, because they’re the only ones who can prevent the accident. Juries agree, and we have recovered high-value sums in dozens of rear-end accident cases.

Insurers May Be Eager To Settle, But Why?

A fast and easy settlement of a dispute is always tempting. There is a reason, though, that insurers are usually anxious to make a settlement offer following a rear-end crash.

They hope to “lock” the injured party into a low-value settlement before they know their rights and the value of their claim. At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C., we can investigate your claim, document your full injuries and loss, and negotiate and litigate your case for its full value — not the fractional value the insurance company would like to see used. For more information and to schedule a no-charge consultation, please contact our firm.

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At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C., we handle all motor vehicle injury cases on a contingency fee basis. If we fail to recover compensation for you, we will not charge you any attorneys’ fees.

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