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Product Safety Archives

Ready-to-eat chicken at the center of a huge recall

Those who bought ready-to-eat chicken from Aspen foods need to be aware that the company is now recalling an incredible amount of the product. This all started back in the summer, when a recall was issued for 1,978,680 pounds of the product. However, they've now expanded on that, adding another 561,000 pounds.

Connecticut mother finds mold floating in juice boxes

Many parents in Connecticut give a juice box to their kids either at home or packed in a school lunch. Recently, a local Connecticut mother reported an alarming discovery when she found mold in a well-known brand of juice boxes. The incident occurred when she was about to give her daughter some juice. Luckily, she cut open the pouch and poured the juice into a sippy cup. The mother then found the mold floating in the juice she was just about to serve her daughter.

Connecticut Saturn owners on alert, another GM recall delayed

Consumers in Connecticut are most probably following the General Motors car recall in the news reagrding ignition switch problems. An automobile recall can be initiated by an automaker or imposed by the government. According to documents released recently, another delay was showed by GM in recalling unsafe cars. The documents also illustrate that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reacted inactively to the safety situation despite being warned by consumers and through warranty information given in by the company.

Connecticut senator wants stronger warning to not use recall cars

Hundreds of auto recalls happen every year. When recalls are announced, that means manufacturers realized that something is wrong with their cars and consumers could be at risk. A Connecticut senator has recently urged car company General Motors to communicate a stronger warning to the owners of close to 1.6 million cars, including a suggestion that people who own the cars to not use them.

Connecticut bill would create list of chemicals dangerous to kids

As parents in Connecticut know, they must always be watchful of the toys that they buy their children. Whether the toy contains small parts or a questionable chemical, consumers must be aware of the possible dangers in items they buy. While some retailers have taken steps to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in consumer products, consumer advocate groups still find high levels of dangerous chemicals in common household, outdoor and children's products. Consumers deserve a right-to-know about toxic chemicals in the products they buy.

Connecticut-based sandwich company to eliminate chemical in bread

The Connecticut-based sandwich chain Subway is under fire from a food blogger who began a campaign recently to request that the company remove a chemical from its bread that the blogger said is also used to manufacture shoe rubber and yoga mats.

Connecticut shopping carts now safer for babies

Every parent in Connecticut knows that taking babies to the supermarket could be a challenge if there are no safety seats in the grocery carts. Many parents shop at stores and supermarkets in the area with their infant strapped into a car seat that is balancing on the front seat of the shopping cart.

Connecticut grocery store recalls meat

Each week, people in Connecticut and around the country often hear about numerous food recalls. Whether it is fresh fruit and vegetables or packaged goods, shops in the area are busy protecting consumers by making sure the food that is in their grocery stores and later in families' homes is safe to eat.

U.S. tire recall announced by Michelin

A common cause of truck and van accidents is tire blowouts. Due to their high center of gravity, if one of these vehicles is traveling at high speed and has a tire blowout, it is more likely to roll over than a car. Michelin North America recently recalled a large number of tires in the United States.

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