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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Another fatality raises questions about safety of autonomous vehicles

In recent weeks, a self-driving Uber cab struck and killed a pedestrian and a Tesla owner was killed when his self-driving car rammed into a concrete median. Earlier this year, a Tesla on Autopilot crashed into a fire truck.

Are men or women better drivers? Depends on your definition.

Mile for mile, women crash more often but men cause more mayhem.
It's an old debate, peppered by sexist assumptions and selective anecdotes. Women are bad drivers - that ditzy lady almost caused a wreck. Men are bad drivers - that macho maniac almost ran me over.

States ranked from safest to deadliest for drivers

According to recent report from the Auto Insurance Center, Connecticut is one of the safest states for drivers in the country. The report sought to create a list ranking all states from the safest to the deadliest for drivers based on national fatal car accident data from the years 1994 through 2013.

Pedestrian deaths on Connecticut roads

Sadly, losses of life sometimes occur on the roads here in Connecticut. There are all manner of different types of fatal traffic accidents. Sometimes, a motor vehicle accident takes the life of a pedestrian. Recently, a report came out that regards pedestrian deaths here in Connecticut.

Is Metro-North Rail Service safe?

Many Connecticut residents who work in New York depend on the Metro-North Rail Service for their commute. However, after at least seven people were killed when a Metro-North commuter train collided with an SUV this week, many are wondering if they are safe.

Technology making car accidents easier to survive

Technology has made many aspects of our day-to-day lives easier, from keeping in touch with our-of-state relatives to paying the bills to learning in a classroom. But in addition to making life more convenient, technology has also made say-to-day life safer.

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