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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

What should I do if an underage drunk driver caused the accident?

Driving drunk is reckless and inconsiderate. Not only is the driver putting himself or herself in danger, but he or she is also putting others directly in harm's way. All it takes is for one slight swerve, or a slower reaction time, for there to be an accident with life-altering consequences. 

Have you planned for a sober ride home this St. Patrick's Day?

On Tuesday, across the country and throughout the New Haven area, residents of both Irish and non-Irish heritage will celebrate St. Patrick's Day. For many, the day is traditionally commemorated with Irish music and food as well as one or more green alcoholic beverages.

Police in the middle of holiday crackdown on Connecticut highways

If you thought you noticed more patrols on Connecticut roadways you weren't just imagining things. The state police were out in full force the week of Christmas participating in a campaign dubbed "Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident," or "Operation SANTA" for short.

Accidents caused by drunk drivers can lead to serious injuries

With the holiday season fast-approaching, the number of dangerous drivers on Connecticut roads will likely significantly increase. Whether these drivers are returning college students, distracted drivers or drivers coming home from a late night party, you are in danger of being a victim in a drunk driving accident.

Find a sober ride this Halloween to avoid a scary outcome

Halloween falls on a Friday this year which means countless Connecticut residents young and old will be celebrating at costume parties over the weekend. If you are one of the many people who will celebrate with alcohol, it's important to plan ahead to avoid a DUI, or worse, a drunk driving accident.

Connecticut school bus driver drove kids while drunk

Many of us send our kids off to school each day on the school bus, having trust that our most precious cargo will be kept safe. However, sometimes a news story comes along that causes us to question the trust we have in the bus companies and the drivers they employ.

Connecticut governor signs toughened law against drunk driving

We all know that drunk driving is against the law, but for some reason there are still many people in Connecticut who do it repeatedly. In effort to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads, lawmakers passed a law last year that requires even first-time drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices on their vehicles.

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