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Injuries children commonly suffer in automobile accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Car Accidents

It’s that time of year again when there will be an uptick of children riding together with their parents, taking busses or carpooling to school. These activities tend to make parents quite anxious. They worry about the safety of their kids.

As a parent, the thought of the most common injuries that affect kids may cross your mind. You also likely wonder if any place in the car is safer than another. There is data that addresses these concerns.

Does your child’s placement in a vehicle matter in a crash?

Have you ever wondered why you have to constantly graduate your child from one car seat to a booster seat to riding without either one at different intervals? It’s all intentional. Government regulators base their requirements on what crash studies have shown is safest for your child at different ages.

Most times, you’re required to put your child in their car seat in the back seat of your vehicle. One of the most likely reasons government regulators have you do this is for their safety. Research shows that children are twice as likely to get hurt if they’re in the front seat when a side or front-impact crash occurs.

One type of accident that can be dangerous no matter where your child is sitting is a rear-end crash. This is especially the case if an accident happens at a fast rate of speed, crushing the rear portion and child’s seat in the mix.

Children are also particularly vulnerable to getting hurt in rollover incidents. In fact, the likelihood of them suffering an incapacitating injury in this type of crash is ten times worse than in any other incident.

Childrens’ accident injuries depend on their age 

The fine line between injuries that children may face lies at the one-year mark. Kids over age one are more likely to suffer bruises, head fractures and cuts in an accident. Children under one most commonly suffer concussions in crashes.

You should never assume that your child is okay following an accident. They can suffer internal injuries that only manifest sometime later. It may cause irreversible damage or their death if caught too late. Connecticut law may allow you to recover the compensation you’ll need to receive optimal care if they suffered serious injuries in a crash.




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