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Your safety could depend on finding the right helmet.

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents

While Connecticut law does not require adult motorcyclists to wear a helmet, a helmet could be the best way to prevent traumatic brain injuries and other severe harm if you are in a crash. However, not all helmets are created equal, and a novelty helmet will not give you the same benefits. What do you need to know about helmet usage?

How effective are helmets?

Most studies indicate that helmets are one of the most effective ways for motorcyclists to protect themselves from catastrophic injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that helmets reduce the risk of death by 37% for riders and 41% for their passengers. They also note that helmets saved nearly 2,000 lives in 2016, and hundreds more could have been saved if helmet usage was more widespread.

It is important to choose a helmet that meets safety standards.

Helmet use can reduce the risk of motorcycling, but not every helmet will properly protect you. While there are a wide variety of different helmet styles available including novelty helmets, the helmet you wear should meet the necessary safety standards set by the state and federal government. Looking for the U.S. Department of Transportation symbol will let you determine which helmets meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

Do you have the right fit?

Helmets should also fit well. The helmet should fit tightly enough so that it does not move freely when you turn your head but not so tightly that it creates discomfort or pressure points on the head. Helmets that fit poorly do not offer you the correct protection.

By choosing the right helmet, you can protect yourself from severe injuries and enjoy the open road for years to come.



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