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How motorcyclists can defend themselves

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are an exciting vehicle to drive that allows the rider to feel a sense of freedom that most other vehicles cannot offer. The cost of this freedom comes in the form of reduced safety features. While the vehicle itself provides little in the way of defending the rider, the cyclist can take their protective measures.

Despite accounting for only 3% of registered vehicles, motorcycles account for 14% of vehicle deaths every year. A person can only be responsible for their actions. While there are many things other drivers can do to watch out for motorcycles, there are also things the cyclist can do to protect themselves.

Wear proper equipment

One of the most common mistakes a cyclist makes is not wearing enough protective gear. No matter what reasons a person may try to make, a helmet is essential and mandatory in nearly every state. Since nothing is strapping a rider onto their motorcycle, a cyclist is prone to be thrown hundreds of feet from their vehicle in an accident. Protective leather chaps and a leather jacket can absorb much of the damage a rider may face when coming in contact with concrete.

Defensive riding

The call to drive freely between lanes on a motorcycle can be tempting, but also dangerous. When a driver obeys the road laws, they become more visible to other drivers. Defensive driving also includes keeping aware of nearby vehicles. Other drivers may have a hard time seeing a cyclist, which is why it may be up to the motorcyclist to avoid the reckless driving of others.

Maintain the bike

The tires, headlights, engine, brake lines, clutch, mirrors, and horns are all critical in protecting the driver. If any of these are not at peak performance, they can endanger the safety of the driver more than they protect it.

Defense is key

No single party should be responsible for making the road a safe place. Everyone needs to do their part in ensuring that everyone is safe on the road.




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