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Shoulder dystocia during childbirth

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

When you give birth at a Connecticut hospital, you usually expect that everything will go well. However, sometimes a physician may fail to take action as soon as he or she realizes there is a problem. Shoulder dystocia is one thing that can go wrong when a woman gives birth, and we at Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab and Roberge, L.L.C., know it is important for you to know what this is and how it can affect you and your child.

Before giving birth, you may not know what shoulder dystocia is. Healthline says that shoulder dystocia means that your baby’s shoulders get stuck in the birth canal. When a doctor realizes this is happening, it is important for him or her to take action immediately. This is because shoulder dystocia can sometimes cause complications. This situation might tear some of your body tissues and cause bleeding. Additionally, it can be dangerous for your child. Some babies might not get enough oxygen to their brain or they may harm their arms or shoulders.

Most of the time, a doctor can tell that your baby has shoulder dystocia. He or she may be able to deliver a baby’s head but not the rest of its body. When doctors realize a birth involves this situation, they typically ask for extra help in the delivery room. They may also ask you to change position to help the baby maneuver better. If a physician begins to resolve the problem as soon as it arises, he or she can usually make sure both you and your baby are safe during the delivery process. 

However, it is important for doctors to perform these techniques correctly. If a physician tries to correct shoulder dystocia but does not perform a maneuver the right way, he or she might cause damage. Some infants might incur nerve damage if a doctor tugs a baby’s shoulder too early in the process. If a baby gets an injury during the delivery, this wound might affect him or her for a long time. You can find more information about this subject on our webpage.





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