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Dog bites and the risk of infection

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Dog Bites

Connecticut residents who are bitten by dogs have several health risks to worry about. One of them is the risk of infection, which can cause severe health complications far into the future.

FindLaw takes a look at how to treat dog bites. They focus on cleaning up the injury as best and quickly as possible. A victim is not always able to do this, however, due to the fact that the bite injury can be quite severe. Even after cleaning the injury at home, it is suggested that a victim of a bite attack seek medical attention. This is for multiple reasons. First off, bite attacks can be severe enough that the wounds will need stitches. Infections are another big reason.

Due to the way a dog’s teeth and jaw work, they can both tear and puncture an opponent. Tear wounds can be dangerous, but puncture wounds carry a different sort of danger. Infections can occur when the bacteria is injected deep below the surface of the skin. In extreme cases, dog bites have even been known to puncture through bones, leading to deadly infections of the blood or bone marrow.

Mayo Clinic implores people with deep puncture wounds from a dog bite to seek medical treatment, or go to the emergency room if necessary. These infections can take hold in less than 24 hours and can quickly spread through the entire body, leading to high fever, swelling, and even gangrene. Those who have suffered from dog bite injuries should be quick to act, as this quick action can save a life.



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