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August 2019 Archives

Back to School Month: Recap on pedestrian safety

The end of August marks the start of school for many children in Connecticut and elsewhere. Drivers across the state need to recognize the hazards faced by students walking to school, riding their bicycles or waiting at the bus stop. Additionally, parents can also take note of the risks and teach their children the safety rules for walking or bicycling near traffic.

How can I see if a product I own is unsafe?

You expect the things you buy to be safe when you and your family use them. However, this is not always the case. Whether an item in your home was defective before you bought it or it became unsafe after repeated use, it is important for you and other Connecticut residents to know how to check for product hazards.

Treating your dog bite injury

When a Connecticut resident is attacked by a dog, the bite injuries can raise many health concerns. Regardless of the severity of the attack, there are certain steps to take in order to ensure that the damage is not lasting and has a relatively small impact on a victim's overall health.

What makes a good security fence?

A person who is assaulted on a Connecticut property due to negligent security may have a premises liability case against the owner of the property, since property owners have a responsibility to ensure adequate security to protect visitors. In many cases, sound security includes a good security fence. A fence with obvious defects might not be enough to stop an intruder from encroaching on a property and causing harm to lawful visitors.

Appeals court addresses Amazon defective product lawsuit

Over the last couple of decades, online companies have radically changed the way consumers purchased products. Amazon, the internet retail giant, is one the biggest companies providing countless products of nearly every type to people across the globe. Residents of Connecticut and elsewhere may wonder who is liable for injuries resulting from a product that was purchased on Amazon. A recent appeals court decision may challenge the way these unique cases are handled.

Sleeper recall highlights potential dangers of infant products

Consumers in Connecticut and elsewhere expect the products they buy to be safe for their families. This is especially true when it comes to products meant for babies. Almost nothing is more devastating for parents than when a child is seriously injured or worse. Unfortunately, dangerous products regularly pose a danger to infants and children. If consumers are not made aware of the dangers through recalls and news alerts, their families may be put at risk.

Medical malpractice and pre-existing conditions

There is a mistaken belief that a patient’s pre-existing condition somehow protects doctors from claims of medical malpractice. It seems logical – it would be harder to prove a doctor’s mistake is the reason for a patient’s downturn or untimely death if the patient already suffered from a serious medical condition.

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