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Your injury could be more than it seems at first

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Workplace Injury

Sometimes injuries are more complicated than they seem. At Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge LLC., we are here to provide Connecticut workers with the clarity to make the most beneficial decisions about their accidents on the job.

If you have ever been injured while working in Connecticut, then you are probably acquainted with the workers’ compensation system. This is often one of the best ways for you to receive payment for the work you have missed and to be reimbursed for the medical expenses you incur. However, there could be parties that are liable for your injury other than your employer.

We often find that our clients have no idea that they could be eligible for these so-called third-party injury claims. This is not surprising, as you would not commonly encounter this complex issue on a daily basis. Not every workers’ compensation claim qualifies for a third-party suit. For example, you would probably find workers’ compensation adequate for a slip or fall in a restaurant kitchen.

However, more complicated injuries may involve defective products or other responsible parties. For example, you may be entitled to a third-party claim if a drunk driver injured you while you were operating a vehicle for your work. Similarly, if you fail on a construction site due to a fault in the manufacturing of safety equipment, you may also be on interested in pursuing multiple claims.

We understand that taking on many different organizations may seem like more stress than it is worth. In fact, we believe it is important that these negligent parties receive public censure for their oversights. Taking up suit against all possible responsible parties not only often gives you the best chance at receiving enough funding to put your life back together, but it also could very well improve the safety of workplaces across the state. Please continue on our main website to read more.



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