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Most dangerous road in Connecticut? Depends on your definition.

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Blog

Knowing the dangerous stretches to avoid is no consolation if your loved one is injured or killed on some side street. But crowdsourcing of accident sites and applied technology is helping identify problem areas and address solutions.

Various public safety groups and news outlets have supposed pinpointed “the most dangerous” roadways in the state. You may nod in agreement at this list, or you may know an even worse spot.

Avoid or use caution on these roads

  • Most dangerous intersection – A 2014 traffic study by revealed that the most dangerous intersection in the state is the Wilbur Cross Parkway (Route 15) interchange in New Haven. Over a three-year period, there were more than 560 crashes (including 125 injury accidents) at the stretch on the Parkway from Amity Road to Whalley Avenue.

    The Charles Bowles Highway interchange in Middletown (Route 17 at Route 9) was a close second, with 107 injury accidents out of 372 total crashes. Route 44 at Main Street in Hartford was notable but a distant third, with 38 injury crashes over the span.

  • Most dangerous highway – According to, Interstate I-95 is the most dangerous highway in Connecticut, with an average of 15 fatalities per year. The freeway is not only a high-traffic coastal corridor but has more frequent exits and entrances than most interstates. In fact, I-95 in Connecticut made the top 20 list of most dangerous highways in the whole country. (Florida’s U.S. 1 is No. 1).
  • Most dangerous back roads – According to TRIP, a highway safety group, Connecticut has the deadliest rural roads in the U.S. Our back roads carry 10 percent of the traffic but account for 40 percent of traffic fatalities. Perhaps the most notorious is Route 6 in eastern Connecticut, morbidly known as “Suicide 6’” for its treacherous curves and periodic fatalities. Another nasty stretch, which locals ominously call “The Ledges,” is Highway 66 in East Hampton.
  • Most dangerous roads for pedestrians – Between 2010 and 2012, according to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, more than 100 pedestrians were killed in Connecticut – with 11 of those fatalities on Route 1 (Boston Post Road). Those on foot or on bike often have to cross four lanes of busy traffic. The Post Road is particularly dangerous in Westport. Crossing Route 5 in East Hartford was also singled out as potentially deadly for pedestrians.

What is the most dangerous intersection or stretch of road you encounter in Connecticut?




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