Medical malpractice lawsuits can be very complex and time-consuming. A patient may have suffered a life-altering injury or illness or even died due to the negligence of a physician or member of the medical staff. For one woman in Connecticut’s neighboring state of New York, the pain of a hip replacement surgery was worse than giving birth without anesthesia.

The 58-year-old plaintiff alleged in the lawsuit that her surgeon did not properly insert the hip prosthesis, which led to a need for additional surgery. The woman had the surgery performed in 2010 in an attempt to relieve chronic pain suffered from osteoarthritis. The woman claimed that the Anatomic Duel Mobility cup component was not inserted correctly by the surgeon. Two of the parts used in the hip replacement surgery were recalled in June 2012.

Fourteen months after the surgery, the woman had a revision surgery, which has resulted in substantial pain relief. However, she is still suffering from difficulties in range of motion and function.

The three-week trial ended with a jury award of $1.3 million in damages. This included $50,000 to her husband and 1.25 million for past and future pain and suffering.

In many cases, expert witnesses are needed to help the judge and jury understand the patient’s medical needs, as well as what occurred that led to the lawsuit. Financial analysts can help the court understand how the malpractice will affect a patient’s financial health in the past and in the future. A lawyer who has the resources to find the right expert witnesses and other professionals for your case is a good place to start to learn more.

Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, “SKETCHES OF COURT: Jury awards plaintiff $1.3M in medical malpractice trial,” Alba Acevedo, April 21, 2016