Birth injuries can be very serious and result in life-altering injuries for both the mother and the child. When a child’s birth injury occurred because the physician or other medical staff did not provide the standard of care that another doctor or member of the medical staff would in the same situation, that is considered medical malpractice.

For a 3-year-old child across the country, a decision to wait to deliver her has resulted in a large medical malpractice award – $9.6 million. The child’s mother was also awarded $250,000 because of the emotional distress she suffered during the child’s delivery.

The child was born on Oct. 28 and the doctor — despite the baby’s state worsening — did not order a cesarean section. This decision, according to the court ruling, resulted in the child never being able to care for herself, walk or talk. She is blind and has to be fed through a feeding tube. In addition, she has seizures occasionally. She will need full-time, round-the-clock care for the remainder of her life.

When birth injuries occur, there are so many people affected. Some birth injuries will heal without the baby experiencing any long-term effects; however, some birth injuries can prove fatal to both the baby and the mother.

A civil lawsuit alleging medical malpractice is not the only a way for people to be able to seek compensation for their injuries or the injuries suffered by their loved one. It’s best to seek legal advice on how to proceed with such a case. Experienced birth injury attorneys can provide more information on how to move your medical malpractice case forward.

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