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Ready-to-eat chicken at the center of a huge recall

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2015 | Product Safety

Those who bought ready-to-eat chicken from Aspen foods need to be aware that the company is now recalling an incredible amount of the product. This all started back in the summer, when a recall was issued for 1,978,680 pounds of the product. However, they’ve now expanded on that, adding another 561,000 pounds.

The fear is that the chicken has been contaminated and could give those who eat it Salmonella poisoning. It came to light when five people fell ill after eating the chicken. They were in Minnesota, but the company is now recalling products at any location.

There are a few different types of chicken that could be affected, according to reports. Some of the chicken is raw, while some is frozen. Some varieties are also breaded or stuffed. The chicken also comes from many individual brands, including Acclaim, Buckley Farms, Chestnut Farms, Home Dining Selections, Koch Foods, Oven Cravers, Rosebud Farm, Safeway Kitchens, and many more.

The inspection mark for any of these chicken products that are meant to be recalled is P-1358. Because of how many varieties and brands are impacted, consumers are told to look for this mark above all else.

However, it’s worth noting that the dates by which consumers are meant to eat the chicken, which are stamped on the bags, are from July 14, 2016, to October 10, 2016, for the first batch and from August 23, 2016, to December 15, 2016, for the newest batch.

Anyone who falls ill or is otherwise harmed by a food product should be well aware of what legal options he or she has in New Haven, Connecticut.

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