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Examples of medical malpractice in multiple settings

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can happen in a host of different settings. It does not have to be during a hospital stay. It’s very important to know how and where it can show up so that you know what to look for—and you know if your rights have been violated.

One of the most common places that people think of medical malpractice is during surgery. The surgeon could operate on the wrong site, use a medication to which you are allergic, or even forget a foreign item in your body after the surgery concludes.

If you end up in the emergency room, malpractice often comes from doctors who are hurrying too much, trying to see too many patients, and who make mistakes as a result. It is important to work quickly to save lives, of course, but doctors must not go so quickly that they sacrifice quality care. There is a balance they have to find between the two.

When you visit your primary care doctor, a possible cause of malpractice could be if he or she gives you the wrong diagnosis. If you have a serious issue but your doctors says it’s nothing and that it will clear up on its own, you could be far more drastically injured and require far more care when the full extent of the issue is later revealed.

A failure to make the proper diagnosis can also be an issue if you go to see an oncologist, who is tasked with determining whether or not you have cancer.

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