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Malpractice lawsuit brings outpatient clinic problems to light

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

The son of a 53-year-old man who died after a procedure in Trumbull, Connecticut, at the Surgery Center of Fairfield County has filed a lawsuit. The suit alleges that the outpatient clinic was negligent in the care of his father. In addition, malpractice and corporate negligence has been alleged.

The man’s father underwent an anterior discetomy and fusion in May 2013. The lawsuit claims that the procedure should not have been performed at the clinic because it was too complicated. The family’s attorney said there are two other lawsuits in the works right now where he is representing the families of patients who died at outpatient clinics. He also said that in his 15 years prior, he only had two other similar cases.

People who are associated with outpatient clinics say the clinics are as regulated and safe as hospitals. These facilities are for procedures that can be done outside of a hospital. Some of the current procedures done at these facilities include hip and knee replacements to spinal surgery. Over 25 million of these types of procedures are performed at surgery centers each year.

The lawsuit alleges that the man died after a member of the staff pressed against the patient’s blood pressure cuff. This showed the anesthesiologist a lower blood pressure reading than the patient actually had. The anesthesiologist reportedly gave the man a 4 percent Lidocaine solution, which was toxic. The anesthesiologist allegedly gave the man the wrong medication. He was given CPR and taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center, but passed away.

If you have been injured or had your condition made worse because of negligence at an outpatient clinic, an attorney can help. You can seek compensation through a civil lawsuit, helping you to move forward financially.

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