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Representing car accident victims in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2015 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Let’s face it, every time a Connecticut driver gets behind the wheel, he or she is in danger of getting into a car accident. While the vast majority of car accidents in the state are nothing more than harmless fender benders that everyone walks away from, some can result in catastrophic injuries. Whenever an injury results from a car accident, injured parties should investigate every element of the collision to determine who is at fault.

Even in car accident scenarios that appear to be the injured person’s fault, and even if that person was cited for the accident by police, the situation warrants investigation. Indeed, sometimes a defective automobile, a defective part, poor roadway signage or some other factor may be to blame. Police do not always find these causative factors on their own.

We at Kennedy Johnson Schwab & Roberge,L.L.C. have been representing people who were injured in car accidents since 1988. We have seen virtually every single kind of car accident case you can imagine. However, we also know that each case is unique, and they are not always what they appear to be on surface examination. This is why the gathering and and detailed analysis of accident scene evidence, eyewitness testimony, police reports and surveillance camera footage are essential before devising any kind of legal strategy pertaining to a personal injury claim.

We represent our clients on a contingency fee basis. What that means is that our clients will not be on the hook for costs or attorneys fees or any kind of expenses until — and only if — we make a successful financial recovery on their behalf.



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