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Pedestrian deaths on Connecticut roads

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, losses of life sometimes occur on the roads here in Connecticut. There are all manner of different types of fatal traffic accidents. Sometimes, a motor vehicle accident takes the life of a pedestrian. Recently, a report came out that regards pedestrian deaths here in Connecticut.

The report was from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a non-profit policy group. The report contains statistics on pedestrian fatalities in the state over the time period going from 2011 to 2013. Reportedly, altogether, 99 pedestrian deaths occurred in the state during this period.  

What Connecticut counties had the most pedestrian fatalities over this period? At the top of the list was Hartford County, with 28 such fatalities. New Haven County had the second spot, with 24 pedestrian deaths.

What roads in the state were the deadliest for pedestrians over this time period? The report came to the conclusion that U.S. Route 1 was the deadliest (with nine pedestrian fatalities), while U.S. Route 6 was the second most deadly (with three pedestrian deaths). 

How safe of a place do you think Connecticut is for pedestrians? Are there any places in particular in the state where you think there are major problems when it comes to pedestrian safety? Are there any particular safety improvements that you think need to be made to Connecticut roads? How mindful do you think Connecticut drivers are of pedestrian safety when behind the wheel? Are there any areas in particular that you think Connecticut drivers need to get better at when it comes to preventing pedestrian accidents and pedestrian fatalities?

Attorneys can help families of pedestrians who have been killed out on Connecticut’s roads investigate the nature of the accident that took their loved one’s life and what parties were responsible for the accident.

Source: WTNH, “Connecticut’s most dangerous roads identified,” Jesse Gosselin, March 4, 2015



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