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Is a doctor's apology admissible in a medical malpractice trial?

When a patient is injured or his or her illness is made worse because of a doctor's negligence, that patient may want to hear an apology. However, some doctor's may be reluctant to make such statements if they could be used by the patient in a medical malpractice case.

States ranked from safest to deadliest for drivers

According to recent report from the Auto Insurance Center, Connecticut is one of the safest states for drivers in the country. The report sought to create a list ranking all states from the safest to the deadliest for drivers based on national fatal car accident data from the years 1994 through 2013.

Graco punished for delaying car seat recall

Most parents put a lot of thought into the car seat that they purchase for their children, wanting to choose the safest option possible. In many cases, parents end up choosing car seats manufactured by well-known brands such as Graco, because they believe they can trust these manufacturers.

Emergency room doctors ordering unnecessary tests, survey says

According to survey results published in Academic Emergency Medicine, 97 percent of emergency room doctors said they have ordered cat scans or MRIs in order to avoid medical malpractice lawsuits. The findings are the result of a survey of 435 ER doctors.

Tackling road rage-the worst form of aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is a common problem across the United States, including Connecticut. Unfortunately, the worst form of aggressive driving-road rage-is too common and has too many negative consequences, including accidents that injure and killed, that it cannot be ignored by legislators and law enforcement authorities. For this reason, Connecticut stresses how both newer and older more experienced drivers can avoid it.

What should I do if an underage drunk driver caused the accident?

Driving drunk is reckless and inconsiderate. Not only is the driver putting himself or herself in danger, but he or she is also putting others directly in harm's way. All it takes is for one slight swerve, or a slower reaction time, for there to be an accident with life-altering consequences. 

Professional football players donate their brains for research

As many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, might be aware, concussions and other traumatic brain injuries among professional athletes who play in the National Football League are issues that garnered a lot of attention last year. According to reports, as many as 111 players suffered concussions on the field during the 2014 NFL season. Even though this number is alarming enough, it is considerably lower than the 148 players who suffered concussions in the 2013 season.

What to do after a motorcycle accident in Connecticut

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, chances are that you were seriously injured and that you are scared about your future. You may be thinking about the expensive medical bills that are stacking up, whether your injuries will keep you from being able to do your job, and how all of this is going to affect your family.

Preventable deaths have been rising in Connecticut

A groundbreaking report came out in 1999, telling the American public that as many as 98,000 people passed away yearly due to errors in hospitals that were entirely preventable. The Institute of Medicine carried out that survey and did the report. It took people by surprise and rocked the medical world.

Dealing with insurance issues after a spinal cord injury-Part II

After someone sustains a spinal cord injury, one of the most important issues he or she must deal with is insurance coverage because treatment and rehabilitation are just as expensive in Connecticut as they are in any other Northeastern state. A previous post on this blog discussed the basic steps spinal cord injury victims and their families can take to maximize their chances of insurance compensation.

Tips for sharing the roads with motorcyclists this spring

Believe it or not, but motorcycle season is right around the corner. In states like Connecticut where most riders put their bikes in storage for the winter, it's important for drivers to prepare to share the roadways with motorcyclists once again this spring.

Have you planned for a sober ride home this St. Patrick's Day?

On Tuesday, across the country and throughout the New Haven area, residents of both Irish and non-Irish heritage will celebrate St. Patrick's Day. For many, the day is traditionally commemorated with Irish music and food as well as one or more green alcoholic beverages.

Connecticut's tough distracted driving laws could get tougher

The Governors Highway Safety Association is using the state of Connecticut's laws against texting while driving as a model for other states to follow in combating distracted driving.

A Connecticut lawyer can help obtain damages in birth injury

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, will agree that birth injuries may be among the saddest things that can happen to parents. Most birth injuries are caused due to negligence of healthcare staff and they can happen during labor and delivery of a child. Several factors, including oxygen deprivation to a baby's brain, wrong medication and untrained healthcare staff, may contribute to a birth injury.

Pedestrian deaths on Connecticut roads

Sadly, losses of life sometimes occur on the roads here in Connecticut. There are all manner of different types of fatal traffic accidents. Sometimes, a motor vehicle accident takes the life of a pedestrian. Recently, a report came out that regards pedestrian deaths here in Connecticut.

Representing car accident victims in Connecticut

Let's face it, every time a Connecticut driver gets behind the wheel, he or she is in danger of getting into a car accident. While the vast majority of car accidents in the state are nothing more than harmless fender benders that everyone walks away from, some can result in catastrophic injuries. Whenever an injury results from a car accident, injured parties should investigate every element of the collision to determine who is at fault.

Dealing with insurance issues after a spinal cord injury-Part I

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, would agree that treatment and rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury can cause financial challenges for the spinal cord injury victim, as well as for the victim's family. To address those problems, most victims and their families rely on insurance coverage. However, negotiating an adequate claim with the insurance company is often difficult because, for insurance companies, a lesser payout means greater profits, which can be even more difficult for victims and their families.

How can patients help prevent medical malpractice? Part 2

As a previous weblog discussed, Connecticut patients might find the reality of distressing medical events somewhat sobering. Specific tips were provided in that post that can help patients avoid the sort of adverse medical events that lead to medical malpractice. That post also talked more in depth about problems with medications and how to prevent or avoid them. This post will do something similar and discuss precautions patients should take whenever they face a hospital stay or surgery.

Alex Rodriguez visits team doc he sued for medical malpractice

There is little doubt that some of our New Haven, Connecticut, readers are fans of the New York Yankees. As such, they are likely very familiar with the ongoing drama with player Alex Rodriguez. In a rather unique situation, Rodriguez recently had to see the Yankee's team doctor for a physical -- the same doctor he sued for medical malpractice in 2013.

How can patients help prevent medical malpractice? Part 1

Any Connecticut resident who has been in the care of a physician, hospital or other medical facility might find the following fact especially sobering. One of every seven Medicare patients in hospitals will be a victim of a medical error.. Adverse medical events that lead to malpractice cases can occur anywhere, including a hospital, a patient's home or a doctor's clinic and can involve medicines, surgery, diagnoses or lab reports.

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