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Five injured in early morning two-car crash on I-91

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2015 | Car Accidents

As most Connecticut residents can imagine, seeing a loved one severely injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle is among the worst traumas a family can endure. When the facts of an accident show that a negligent driver was responsible, many of those injured may be understandably angry. Fortunately, some instances of negligence are punishable criminal offenses, and almost all instances of negligence can lead to civil litigation.

One recent car accident involving two cars on Interstate 91 north of Wallingford may well result in personal injury lawsuits being filed on behalf of at least some of the five people injured. According to the Connecticut State Police, the 2:40 a.m. accident occurred near exit 14 when a 2005 Toyota Scion on Interstate 91 when was struck from behind by a 2009 Nissan ATS. The Toyota had been stopped in the center lane of the highway after an earlier accident. The driver of the Toyota was not injured, but his passenger was. The Nissan driver and all three passengers in that vehicle also sustained injuries. The injured were transported to area hospitals for treatment of undisclosed injuries. Although some of those in the Nissan were apparently not wearing seatbelts, there were no ejections from the vehicle.

According to state troopers, the weather was dark and cloudy and traffic was light. A team of traffic experts and fire department and EMS personnel spent several hours at the scene to reconstruct the accident and to determine who was likely to have been at fault.

In this accident, the driver who hit the stopped car may well be determined negligent for the crash if the roadway was clearly visible. Not only the driver and passenger in the car that was hit but also the passengers in the second car may be able to file suit against the driver of that car.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Several Injured in Multi-Car Crash on I-91 in Wallingford,” Feb. 14, 2015



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