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Obtaining compensation for medical negligence

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence cases are far too common in the nation these days, including in the state of Connecticut. The number of medical facilities has increased across the state over the past few decades and this has resulted in an increase in the number of incidents of negligence. The demand for prompt medical services has increased and while coping with the pressure of providing speedy services and the industry’s inherent need for increased volume and revenue, medical professionals are failing to uphold their duty of care much more frequently.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical practitioner departs from the accepted professional standard of care owed to a patient while providing treatment. When negligence on the part of a medical professional results in injury to a patient, the patient injured in the process can initiate a lawsuit against the doctor or the medical facility to recover damages.

Medical negligence lawsuits can be brought against surgeons, pediatricians, emergency room staff, cardiologists, oncologists and any other medical professional if a negligent act or omission on their part has injured a patient. A victim or his or her family may bring a suit seeking compensation for the injuries suffered.

For more than twenty-five years, the law firm of Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C. has been assisting victims of personal injury and representing medical malpractice victims. Our firm’s attorneys have more than 150 years of combined experience providing aggressive representation for victims of medical negligence. In stressful situations such as a malpractice case, proper representation can be of great importance.



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