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Car accident laws in Connecticut: DUI hit and run cases

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Car Accidents

It is required by Connecticut laws that when there is an accident, motor vehicle drivers involved in it must immediately stop at or near the scene of the crash. If the person has left the scene of the crash, he or she is required to return to the site as soon as possible.

A person involved in a crash that injures another individual is required by law to reasonably assist the injured person. He or she is also required to provide accurate information to the police. This may include the driver’s name, his or her address, driver license, car registration and insurance details.

Car accident laws are strict throughout the country. However, Connecticut has one of the strictest pecuniary penalties for a violation of hit and run laws. Car accident cases of a serious nature may invite a heavy penalty, such as a fine of $10,000, when the accident involves serious injury or death and the driver does not uphold their responsibilities to stop and help. In hit and run cases, incarceration may also be involved.

In Connecticut, like other states, driving a car with a blood alcohol level beyond 0.08 percent is a punishable offense with harsh penalties if convicted. Punishments include prison, heavy fines and the suspension of one’s driver’s license.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the state of Connecticut saw 220 due to car accidents on highways in 2011. Of these fatalities, 92 cases involved DUI violations. The law requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to impose a driver’s license suspension for 45 days for a DUI conviction.

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