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Are there benefits for brain injury victims in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2014 | Brain Injury

Brain injury patients in Connecticut may receive financial help after suffering a brain trauma if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Brain trauma patients may be obtain financial help from several different federal programs designed solely for this purpose. These include Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income.

Supplemental Security Income is available to individuals that have no or very little income. The program can assist with nutrition, clothing and accommodations. Individuals can find out if they are eligible with the assistance of an available online screening tool. Social Security Disability Insurance provides payments to those with brain trauma if they have paid into Social Security before their injury. In certain cases, SSDI can also provide assistance to a disabled person’s spouse and children.

Brain injury patients may also seek local or state government benefits that are available across the state. Apart from the government programs, several nonprofit organizations, foundations, religious groups, community service organizations and fundraising programs are also available. These programs provide financial assistance to individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injury.

Apart from financial assistance, people with brain injuries may also be able to obtain direct assistance with their medical care, housing, transportation and other essential services. These services vary from county to county and contacting the local Brain Injury Association can be a helpful first step.

Readers should understand, however, that there are special eligibility requirements for these services. Individuals may seek information from their local organizations, which provide useful information regarding what services are available.

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