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A spinal cord injury may leave a patient disabled for life

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Studies of spinal cord injuries have shown that men are most susceptible to spinal injuries. Children are also very susceptible to cases of spinal injury because generally children are more active than adults. Spinal cord injury, however, can be dangerous regardless of the gender and age of the patient. While some cases can be handled with treatment, therapy and rehabilitation ensure a maximum restoration of health to the patient — most cases are generally difficult to treat and have varying outcomes.

Spinal cord injury could result in perilous and life-threatening conditions such as permanent total disability or permanent partial disability severely affecting the quality of life of the patient. It may also result in severe psychological damage, depression, anxiety and trauma which may take several years of therapy to resolve. Traumatic spinal cord injuries also entail exorbitant medical costs.

Spinal cord injury may be the result of a number of causes. One of the primary contributing factors to spinal injury in Connecticut and across the country is head and neck injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents and sports-related injuries. Other causes include falls, slips, falls from stairs, severe impact to the head and spine due to an external cause, injury caused due to the fault of another and criminal assault, among others.

When spinal injury is the result of negligent or accidental actions of another person, the victim or the person’s representatives may take legal recourse to recover damages for the injury suffered. Filing a lawsuit claiming compensation may assist in current and future medical costs, care costs and rehabilitation costs.

At Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C., expert and dedicated attorneys represent spinal injury victims with the sole aim and objective of accomplishing the best possible outcome for their clients. Spinal injury victims and their families may initiate a lawsuit without hesitation or delay in order to enable a speedy dispensation of justice with the assistance of expert law professionals.



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